5 Amazing Rose Gold Diamond Engagement Rings

When it comes to buying a diamond engagement ring, most people go with the classic option, the white gold. But recently,  more and more bride-to-be’s are going with the very fun and romantic metal Rose Gold. Rose Gold is a kind of gold that has a very noticeable tint of pink. It’s definitely our new favorite so we picked our top 5 from our store’s online store!


Under Halo U-Prong Pave Diamond Engagement Ring in 14k Rose Gold
This diamond engagement ring captures the essence of both minimalism and beauty. The dainty band keeps the elegance simple and clean and the 14k Rose Gold is just the perfect touch to it! If you are a bride-to-be who is more into simple and clean looks, this is the perfect ring for you!


Twisted Eternity Pave Diamond Engagement Ring in 14k Rose Gold
Diamonds truly are forever with this gorgeous Twisted Eternity Pave Diamond Ring! This best-seller is a stunning piece that will make you fall in more an more every time you look at it. If there is a ring we love to see in Rose Gold, this is definitely it! It’s fun, young, and timeless!


Halo U-Prong Pave Diamond Engagement Ring in 14k Rose Gold
If you are more of a classic type of gal, this is the perfect ring for you! This design is gorgeous and truly timeless. You can never go wrong with the Halo & Pave Combination. And the Rose Gold Metal is just the perfect touch for this whole look. This style will definitely last a lifetime!


Three Stone U-Prong Side Details Diamond Engagement Ring in 14k Rose Gold

What could be better than having three gorgeous center pieces in one ring? This 3-Stone Diamond Ring is a gorgeous piece that will leave her breathless. This gorgeous piece showcases three beautiful stones that compliments each other and they will all definitely compliment you!


Double Halo Infinity Shank Pave Diamond Engagement Ring in 14k Rose Gold

Here at Diamond Mansion, we believe that you can either go big, or go bigger! This show stopping piece is one of the sparkliest we have yet! The two rows of infinity shank pave is the perfect recipe for the sparkliest diamond engagement ring. Rose Gold is the perfect metal for this ring because it gives it that soft and very feminine touch. We love this ring and we know you love it too!

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Halo Diamond Engagement Rings We Love

Halo Diamond Rings are very elegant and are truly timeless. At Diamond Mansion, we get a lot of bride-to-be’s who leans towards the gorgeous style. From a simple halo to a very detailed multi-halo with intricate designs. The options are endless with Halo Diamond Rings. We’ve gathered some of our favorites below and they are also mostly our client’s favorites.
Halo U-Prong Pave Diamond Engagement Ring in 14k Rose Gold
This style is very simple yet very elegant. The simplicity and the daintiness of the ring is perfect for all ages and it is a timeless piece that will go with anything. The trend that we noticed is going on with engagement rings right now is the popular demand for Rose Gold metal. This gold metal has a tint of pink to it and it gives it a very fun yet still very classy look. This is a style we will never get tired of!


Halo Split Shank Natural Diamond Engagement Ring in 14k White Gold
This Halo Split Shank Ring is perfect for the ladies who likes a little bit more of glamour! The Split Shank adds a sparkly touch to the Halo Design which ties in the whole look together in a very classic yet stylish way. If you are alooking for something simple yet very elegant and has an extra amount of glamour, this is the ring for you!

double halo

Halo Micro Pave Natural Diamond Engagement Ring in 14k White Gold
Who ever said less is more has never seen a gorgeous Halo Diamond Ring like this one! This diamond ring has it all! From the multiple rows of pave on the eternity band and the multiple halo, this ring is definitely a showstopper! The simple design is empowered by the amount of sparkles from the smaller diamonds. This is guaranteed to make everyone say WOW!
3-Stone Natural Halo Pave Diamond Engagement Ring in 14k White Gold
Go big or go bigger! That is what we like to say here at Diamond Mansion! And what better way to do so by going with a 3-Stone Halo Diamond Ring? The center piece alone does wonders but with the halo and the two larger side stones as an addition, this ring will take your breath away! The sparkle and glamour will never fail to make anyone’s day and this is definitely one of our top favorites!

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5 reasons Should you buy your diamond engagement ring online? Well of course you should! Not only does it save you big bucks but the selection is much more wider online! A lot of reputable online jewelers like Diamond Mansion offers custom-made diamond engagement rings for the most reasonable prices! Obviously, a lot of people are very skeptical about buying a diamond ring online. It is definitely a must to do a little bit of research before doing so! To help you decide, here’s a list of why you should buy your diamond engagement ring online!

1. Convenience
A lot of you know this: it could be very overwhelming to go into a jewelry store to look at diamond engagement rings. The endless amount of diamond rings that catches your eyes and makes it difficult for you to make a decision. Buying a diamond ring online in the comfort of your own home is very convenient in many different ways: the rings are categorized, the prices are stated, and there are options for whatever it is you are looking for. There is nothing better than buying a diamond engagement ring in the comfort of your own home!

2. Reasonable Prices
What could possibly be better than buying a diamond ring online that has a Tiffany & Co. quality with a very affordable price? With Diamond Mansion’s wide variety of styles of engagement rings, it is very impossible for anyone to not find the diamond engagement ring of their dreams. Not only do we make online shopping easy for you but our prices are very reasonable!

3. Wide Selection
From Solitaire to Halo Pave Diamond Rings,
what ever it is you are looking for, you can find it online! Most reputable online jewelers offers a wide variety of pre-made rings to customized design-your-own. Some online jewelers can even replicate a ring you’ve seen before as long as the ring is not a patented design. Diamond Mansion makes all of their rings from scratch so it’s just up to you how they will make it!

4. Money Back Guaranteed
When doing your research on buying a diamond ring online, make sure you know what you’re getting from the trusted online jeweler. Most jewelers will throw in lifetime warranty, lifetime upgrade, free cleaning anytime, free shipping, and etc. These are additional benefits that you will get besides the top-notch quality of your ring. Diamond Mansion offers a Lifetime Warranty, Free Lifetime Upgrade, Free Shipping, Free Cleaning, A no-questions-asked 45-Day Return Policy, and etc.

5. Risk Free
When it comes to purchasing a diamond engagement ring online, safety always comes first. You are entitled to getting your money back if you don’t like how the ring came out or if you want any changes to it. We put your happiness first for you are going to have the ring for the rest of your life. 


The Celtic Knot Diamond Engagement Ring is currently one of our mostly-requested design on our website. It’s unique and detailed look is very intricate and it is guaranteed to never go out of style. It’s one of those timeless pieces that will make every one fall in love once they laid their eyes on them. We currently have three different styles for the Celtic Knot design and they are all equally truly beautiful.

 view4_12_ view2_8_

Celtic Knot Pave Split Shank Rope Design Diamond Engagement Ring.
This Celtic Knot Diamond Engagement Ring is a true masterpiece. It is beautifully made in to perfection with the Celtic Knots on both sides, shanks that are covered with very sparkly diamonds, and a rope style band. This piece is for the very daring and very stylish women out there. Click here to view this item on our online store!

view4_11__1 view2_7__1

Celtic Knot Rope Design Engagement Ring
This simple yet very elegant take on the Celtic Design Solitaire Engagement Ring is a perfect fit for the ladies who are more into minimalism. Click here to view this item on our online store!


Celtic Knot Design Pave Natural Diamond Engagement Ring
A row of Pave Diamonds and an intricate Celtic Knot design? This is perfection in one ring. The row of Pave Diamonds is a great addition to the Celtic Knots on both sides. This one is more of  a settled minimal look and is perfect for the ladies who loves to accessorize! Click here to view this ring on our online store.

All of these rings also comes in Yellow Gold, Rose Gold & Platinum and are all being sold online on diamondmansion.com!

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The word is out and it is all true! The power couple Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt got secretly married this past Saturday at Chateau Marival in France and it was confirmed by a spokesperson from the Associated Press on Thursday.

They celebrated with a small ceremony that was attended by family and their close friends and of course by their six children whom, we are guessing, were a part of the wedding entourage!

Just a couple hours later the word got out, a photo of Brad Pitt wearing a wedding ring was taken while leaving a restaurant and he even tried to hide it in his pocket! But the shutterbugs didn’t disappoint and got a photo for all of us to see!

Source: UsWeekly.com

We’ve seen Angelina Jolie rocking her gorgeous $250,000 Emerald Cut Diamond Engagement Ring with Baguettes as the side stones and it is completely gorgeous! The simple design of the ring does not bore us because it has all the sparkles it needs and it still looks very elegant! Her engagement ring somewhat reminds us of a sparkly and shiny chandelier and we also think it is fabulous! What do you think of their secret wedding ceremony? And what do you think of Angelina Jolie’s engagement ring?

Source: people.com

If you want to rock a similar ring like Angelina Jolie’s, here’s a link to where you can find and choose a diamond ring with a closely similar style: CLICK LINK or we can always customize a ring for you and make something that looks a lot like hers! [Isn’t that just amazing?!]


Keeping Up With Kimye

“Kimye” are engaged! E! News is reporting that hip-hop superstar Kanye West popped the question to his reality star girlfriend Kim Kardashian earlier this week in San Francisco, with family and friends all in attendance. Kim’s gorgeous new engagement ring seems to display a large asscher cut halo diamond.

Of course, famous people aren’t the only ones that want to wear beautiful diamonds. Los Angeles residents continue to frequent Diamond Mansion for our remarkable variety of high quality diamond rings at unbeatable wholesale prices. Whether you are in the market for a complete “his and hers” wedding set, or simply looking for the perfect setting to compliment a loose diamond, Diamond Mansion in Los Angeles has everything you need to fulfill the engagement of your dreams.

The Diamond Mansion showroom showcases a breathtaking collection of engagement rings, including solitaire, halo, channel set and three stone diamond rings. Alternatively, inspired shoppers can also pair settings and center diamonds to create their own custom designs!

Diamond Mansion stands tall in heart of the Jewelry District in Downtown Los Angeles. We boast an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB), and take enormous pride in offering our customers unmatched professional customer service. If you are interested in finding the perfect princess cut engagement rings or wedding band set for your loved one, come on out to Diamond Mansion and take a tour of our impressive showroom. You can call us toll-free at 800-518-0240, or speak to a live chat representative on our website, www.diamondmansion.com.


Like Naya Rivera’s Halo Engagement Ring?

Glee star, Naya Rivera, recently stepped out on the red carpet at a Latina Magazine event showing off her engagement ring from rapper Big Sean. It appears to be a gorgeous halo style princess cut engagement ring. It’s most likely a platinum band, encrusted with many gorgeous sparkling diamonds. It’s an incredibly chic design and one that will look great decades in the future. Best of luck, Naya!

For comparison’s sake, here is her ring and a similar 2.47 ct one from Diamond Mansion:

Perhaps you like Naya’s halo engagement ring, but there’s a tweak or two you’d prefer that would really make it yours. Diamond Mansion makes this easy with our design your own engagement ring page. There, you can design a ring starting with setting, metal, and center diamond. If you wanted a similar design to Naya’s, start with a Halo setting, choose a white metal (platinum or gold), and then compare your favorite princess-cut diamonds.

You can also come to Diamond Mansion’s store in the Los Angeles Diamond District if you have your own diamond or setting that you’d like for us to use for your unique engagement ring. Give us a call at 800-518-0240 for more information.


When Diamonds Weren’t Necessarily Forever…

Today as many as 75 percent of married women are believed to wear diamond rings. However, believe it or not, that wasn’t always the case. Diamond engagement or wedding rings are simply expected today.

We were reminded of this when we stumbled over a May 2013 article in the New York Times detailing the contribution of two mid-20th century advertising and publicity powerhouses to popularizing diamond engagement rings. Importantly, both of these noted noble hucksters were, at the time, unusual in their field as they were (wait for it) women. Indeed, both advertising copywriter Frances Gerety and publicist Dorothy Dignam were inspirations to countless professional women across the American business landscape.

Miss Gerety (she’d be “Ms.” now, of course) was also very likely an inspiration for the vulnerable yet tenacious Peggy Olson on AMC’s ultra-acclaimed “Mad Men.” She was also an inspiration to James Bond’s creator, Ian Fleming, who was even more anti-feminist than you probably assume. The author borrowed her best known phrase, “A diamond is forever” for a James Bond novel which pitted the super-spy against diamond smuggling gangsters.

Still, for us at Diamond Manson with our oustanding selection that includes the finest halo and round cut engagement rings, we owe Gerety and Dignam because, for many consumers of ordinary means, diamonds for engagement and wedding rings were not as expected as they are today. In fact, many people who could actually afford them were starting to think of them as super-luxury items, primarily for the very rich. As a company devoted to providing outstanding diamond jewelry at a wide range of prices, we’re definitely very happy these two women were around to remind the world that diamonds can be forever — for people of all incomes.

For all types of rings of high end jewelry for people from all walks of life, from a gorgeous halo diamond engagement ring to the most beautifully retro art deco style rings, please give us a call at 800-518-0240.


It’s the Thought That Counts…Really!

Diamond Mansion offers a full range of diamonds and we even allow you to design your own engagement ring. However, every once in a while you’re very likely to come across news reports about diamonds that are what you might call historically expensive. A recent example is the “The Pink Star,” a 59.6 carat gem that Sotheby’s was offering at auction for a hefty eight-figure sum.

We might all remember the fictitious “Heart of the Ocean” blue diamond from James Cameron’s 1997 “Titanic.” A facsimile of the diamond was actually created for actress Gloria Stewart to wear to the 1998 Academy Awards that was valued at about $20 million. Not bad for a copy of a non-existent gem!

Real life super diamonds are far more expensive than even that. The Cullian Diamond has been valued at $400 million and the legendary Hope Diamond, currently housed in the Smithsonian, is valued at about $350 million – enough to (mostly) bankroll a sequel to Mr. Cameron’s 1997 spectacular. (It could be about the first ship with the chutzpah to the take the name of the doomed ocean liner, “Titanic, Too”!) Fortunately, great products like our cushion cut engagement rings are just a little bit more affordable.

While reading about the flawless beauty of these super diamonds can make a regular diamond engagement ring seem a bit, well, under extraordinary, it’s important to remember that there’s more to a diamond than its sheer size or even the ratings of an expert gemologist. Diamonds are prized because they are inherently beautiful and that makes them an apt symbol of love and romance. At Diamond Mansion, there’s good reason we’re one of the most popular jewelry stores in Los Angeles. We make sure the beauty of the gem is as dazzling for you and your beloved as any gem you’ve seen. While it might cost a very small fraction of the most famous gems in history, we know for you it’s as priceless as your love.



The Myth of the Gentleman Thief

For most people, diamonds are the centerpiece of the unique engagement rings they give to their one true love. To some of us, however, diamonds are just a quick path to easy money. The very name of the gang of diamond thieves currently generating more than their share of press attention with an enormous diamond theft valued at more than $150 million is drawn from a movie glamorizing diamond thieves.

The Pink Panthers gang have been around since 1999 and have been associated with some 100 major robberies – impressive, but obviously not really admirable. Named after the 1963 movie, remade in 2006, about a bunch of glamorous jewel thieves being hunted by a bumbling police inspector named Clouseau, police are taking pains to remind the public that the high lifestyles and good manners of gentlemen and lady jewel thieves depicted in movies like “The Pink Panther” and Alfred Hitchcock’s “To Catch a Thief” are figures of fantasy.

Real diamond thieves are probably more like the grubby goons of Quentin Tarantino’s breakthrough hit, “Reservoir Dogs” without the snazzy threads or the snappy dialogue That’s certainly the picture being painted by police, but what’s really interesting is why they feel the need to remind us of the obvious – that thieves are generally not the nicest people and that living on the run from police isn’t anyone’s idea of a swanky paradise.  Why do we want to glamorize diamond thieves so?

Well, at least part of the reason, we think, is the beauty of diamonds themselves — whether seen in elaborate three stone engagement rings or individually, diamonds are just gorgeous. After all, it’s one thing to steal grubby and often literally dirty money from your fellow man, it’s quite another to deprive some fabulously wealthy diamond owner or diamond store of one of the most beautiful of nature and humanity’s creations. Whether in halo engagement rings or gorgeous pave settings, diamonds are so beautiful, we imagine that only the likes of Cary Grant and Grace Kelly are beautiful enough to steal them. If only that were the case!