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The Diamond’s Legacy as a Symbol of Eternal Love

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If you’ve ever sought out the perfect modern engagement rings, you’ve no doubt browsed through hundreds, if not thousands of diamonds. Of course, for those whom only the finest custom engagement rings will do, Diamond Mansion is always the  ideal choice. Yet, even among those who have discovered our extensive and world-class diamond collection, many questions often still arise. For example, many are inspired to wonder – what exactly lead the diamond to become recognized as the symbol of true love between two souls? As a...

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Avril Lavigne’s Engagement Ring is Her “Favorite Accessory”

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  Proving that her engagement to Chad Kroeger isn’t just Canadian-loving fan fiction, Avril Lavigne recently stepped out in an interview to show off her engagement ring. As seen below, it’s a pretty sizable pear shaped ring, with moons on each side of the main rock. Avril went on to say that its her “favorite accessory” because it is chunky, different, and because Chad knew that she likes pears. Diamond mansion believes that this is exactly what unique engagement rings should be: a woman’s favorite piece of...

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Diamond Mansion Co.’s 20% Design School Discount – Design Schools, Apply by March 29th

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  While designing diamond engagement rings is an enjoyable project for most people in love, the ultra-creative take great delight in designing a one-of-a-kind engagement ring with Diamond Mansion Co. With so many uniquely-designed settings and skillfully-cut, high-quality diamonds, there are countless options available to to creatively inclined individuals wanting to design unique engagement rings. In recognition of this, Diamond Mansion would like to promote the talents of the artistic, through offering a 20% Design School Discount to...

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Beautiful Vintage-Inspired Engagement Rings for your Classic Beauty

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  If you are dating a girl who has an affinity for Audrey Hepburn or Marilyn Monroe movies, shops at second-hand stores, and listens to retro music, chances are that she’s the kind of woman who would prefer a vintage-style engagement ring. Although we live in the 21st Century, a vintage-style ring epitomizes both old-school beauty and timeless elegance. Antique rings are breathtaking, with bands that are unconventionally designed and/or covered in diamond details. Major pop stars like Gwen Stefani and real-life princesses – Kate...

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The Little Black Wedding Dress

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Antique Engagement Rings Will you be buying into this off beat trend? In the eighteen hundreds it was common for women to wear black wedding gowns because of the practicality. Only the wealthiest women could afford to wear a white gown they could never wear again. It was sometimes said that women would wear black wedding gowns if she was marrying a widower. By the late eighteen hundreds though most women where choosing to wear white or ivory gowns. From this point on it started to be considered bad luck to wear a black gown. This thought...

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We Love Lovely Brides

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indie Bridal Designer Boutique Lovely Brides is a NYC grown bridal salon for “bridechillas” not “bridzillas.” The shop carries amazing & stylish indie designers like Sarah Seven, Elizabeth Dye, & Ivy & Aster.  All promising up and comers.  This is the PERFECT place to go for unique designs for a more fashion forward bride.  They also have an absolutely adorable blog. Check out there wedding styling tips! Shopping tip: This December 14-16th Lovely Brides LA is throwing a Sarah Seven trunk show! Unique...

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