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The Myth of the Gentleman Thief

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For most people, diamonds are the centerpiece of the unique engagement rings they give to their one true love. To some of us, however, diamonds are just a quick path to easy money. The very name of the gang of diamond thieves currently generating more than their share of press attention with an enormous diamond theft valued at more than $150 million is drawn from a movie glamorizing diamond thieves. The Pink Panthers gang have been around since 1999 and have been associated with some 100 major robberies – impressive, but obviously not really...

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Diamonds Go Skin Deep

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  Here at Diamond Mansion we’re obviously involved with diamond engagement rings and other products that might go next to your skin but which aren’t dirctly on the skin — at least not as closely as some of the new black-diamond based cosmetics we’ve been reading about. To be specific, we understand that beauty conscious folks in the United Kingdom are getting pretty excited about one product in particular.   Black Diamond Moisture Complex and Energizing Serum from a company called BeautyLab is said to...

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Diamonds are for Investment

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With the gold market obviously look a lot less rosy and more and more volatile, investors looking for the kind of very safe and solid investment you can actually hold in your own hand are taking a serious look at diamonds. News stories are reporting on the Harry Winston’s Groups record breaking purchase of an enormous 101.73 carat diamond for a very cool $26.7 million. The diamond  has been named the “Winston Legacy.” Others are now arguing that while investing in diamonds was once an activity only for a very elite very few...

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Diamond Mansion Co.’s 20% Design School Discount – Design Schools, Apply by March 29th

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  While designing diamond engagement rings is an enjoyable project for most people in love, the ultra-creative take great delight in designing a one-of-a-kind engagement ring with Diamond Mansion Co. With so many uniquely-designed settings and skillfully-cut, high-quality diamonds, there are countless options available to to creatively inclined individuals wanting to design unique engagement rings. In recognition of this, Diamond Mansion would like to promote the talents of the artistic, through offering a 20% Design School Discount to...

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Welcome Diamond Mansion, Co. to New Digital Media Sites

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  The team here at Diamond Mansion, Co. is currently expanding our digital outreach. It’s surprisingly fun to customize our profiles across the web, sharing our unique engagement rings with the world. However, being on these sites is helpful to us because we get feedback from our customers that we wouldn’t have had otherwise. Here are three websites that Diamond Mansion, Co. is happy to be active on:   Wedding Wire Diamond Mansion’s digital storefront on Wedding Wire allows us to share information about our...

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Diamonds are Forever on the U.S. Market…But Things Really are Changing

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  “The more things change, the more they stay the same” is more than a cliche, it’s a fact of life.  A presentation earlier last week by DeBeers and covered by senior editor Rob Bates of JCK Magazine, noted that the United States share of the world market in diamonds — and, of course diamond engagement rings — has shrunk from as much as 60 percent of the world’s diamond market to a mere 37% percent.   Don’t get us wrong, the American diamond market is definitely thriving at at every level,...

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