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Home Is Where The Heart Is: 5 Tips For Picking The Perfect Heart Shaped Diamond Engagement Ring

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Let’s set the scene. It’s almost sunset and the sky is a picture-perfect collage of pinks and oranges. The colors almost mimicking an orange soda creamsicle. You and your sweetheart are nearing a lookout facing the cliffs of some beautiful, almost dreamy, beach in Italy, hand in hand.  The big moment has finally come! Months and months of long, anxious phone calls with your jeweler, excited and nervous conversations with family and friends, the constant hush hush in order to not ruin the big surprise, all leading up to this moment.

You slowly but surely get down on one knee and pull the little blue box out of your jacket pocket. After a few words of love and affirmation and definitely a couple tears, you pop open the box to reveal the most breathtaking, out-of-this-world, heart shaped diamond engagement ring. Que more tears, a few kisses and one big, fat YES!

Satisfied Diamond Mansion customer proposing to his girlfriend in Italy.

The surprise goes off without a hitch and now you’re a happily engaged man with a very, very impressed fiancé. Why? Because not only did you pull off the most romantic proposal of the decade, you did your research and found the best heart shaped diamond for the occasion. 

This is no easy task. Just ask anyone who has ever been in the market for a heart shaped diamond. There are many things to consider such as getting the right size carat diamond to pull off a perfectly symmetrical heart, the right clarity for the stone and more. Here are a few tips about shopping for a heart shaped diamond to help make the big purchase as stress-free as possible. 

Natural Heart Cut Halo Twisted Infinity Diamond Engagement Ring
  1. Getting the right size carat diamond is very important!

It’s not uncommon for someone shopping for an engagement ring to be on a budget. It’s actually more common than not for the future hubby to request we keep our suggestions within a certain price range. That’s totally okay and at Diamond Mansion, we will always respect a customer’s budget (visit our website to learn more about our fair pricing policy). However, most people don’t realize that in order to achieve the perfect heart shape, the diamond typically needs to be at least one half of a carat.

A traditional heart shape has five separate sections; cleft, lobe, belly, wing and point. The cleft is the dip in the middle that separates both sides of the heart. The lobe is the upper rounded part, while the belly and wing make up the rest of the sides. The point is self-explanatory and is another key aspect in creating the perfect, symmetrical heart. The larger the diamond, the easier it is for the jeweler to achieve these aspects that make a heart shape. 

Natural Heart Cut Halo Split Shank Diamond Engagement Ring

2. Look for a heart shaped diamond with good outline and symmetry.

The traditional heart shape can be achieved by finding a diamond with good outline and symmetry. While browsing, you may come across heart shaped diamonds that actually look more like an arrowhead. This is because the wings are too pointy and the heart shape is oddly elongated. If you’re paying for a heart shaped diamond, you want it to look like a heart. How frustrating would it be for people to question the shape of your stone? “Is it supposed to be a heart?” When you purchase your ring from Diamond Mansion, there will be no confusion on whether your diamond is a heart or err, uh, a blob? 

According to the GIA, the preferred length-to-width ratio for heart-shaped gems ranges from 1:1 to 1:1.2. It is not unusual for the width to be greater than the length. The best way to measure the symmetry of a heart shaped diamond is to draw an imaginary line straight down the diamond. Do both sides appear to be even in shape and outline? Is one side bigger than the other? These are all good questions to ask yourself and the jeweler before picking the right diamond for you. 

Natural Heart Cut Halo Split Shank Diamond Engagement Ring

3. The clarity of the diamond is very important.

Unlike some diamonds, inclusions and blemishes can be much more apparent in heart shaped stones. If you’re spending a lot of time finding the perfectly shaped diamond, it’s just as important for your heart shaped diamond to look clean and free of blemishes visible to the naked eye. Now this doesn’t mean you need to rush into buying a flawless diamond. Most customers are satisfied with buying anywhere from flawless to slightly included diamonds, meaning flaws can only be seen under 10x magnification. 

Natural Heart Cut Vintage Three Sided Micro Pave Diamond Engagement Ring

4. Find the right setting and band that won’t clutter your beautiful stone. 

Picking the perfect heart shaped stone is only half the battle. If the setting doesn’t match or perfectly hold your precious stone, then all that searching for the right diamond might be wasted. At Diamond Mansion, we typically suggest a five-prong setting to hold and protect the stone properly. The tip of the heart, the most fragile and easily chipped part of the design, needs to be protected to ensure your ring stays in its best condition for as long as possible. Another common setting for a heart shaped diamond is a bezel setting. A bezel setting is where metal outlines the diamond, creating a unique and durable placement for your precious stone. 

Now that you have a perfectly symmetrical, good clarity diamond and a proper setting, you will need the right band. The last piece of the puzzle! Let’s start with the obvious answer. A solitaire setting is simple yet elegant and will not outshine your center stone. A split-shank band will also beautifully compliment the shape of your heart and add an extra flair to your set. Although it’s entirely up to you, trust your jewelers expertise if he tells you a certain setting or band will clutter your diamond and take away from the overall beauty of the ring. 

natural halo heart shaped diamond with matching infinity band

5. Heart shaped diamonds are having their moment in the (Hollywood) spotlight.

Heart shaped diamonds haven’t always been popular. In fact, compared to the number of diamonds sold every year, only a very small percentage of them are heart shaped. It wasn’t until celebrities like Nicki Minaj and Gwen Stefani started rocking them on their ring finger during high profile engagements that they started to gain popularity. In fact, if you keep up with pop culture, you probably heard about the 15-carat heart shaped “Titanic” diamond that Migo’s rapper, Offset, gifted to Cardi B for her 27th birthday. The massive rock, reportedly worth seven figures, is accompanied by an eternity band made up of smaller heart shaped diamonds. The set is unlike anything we’ve seen before and has definitely sent the jewelry industry into a frenzy. 

Whether you keep up with pop culture or can just appreciate an exquisite stone, one thing is for certain, heart shaped diamonds are just as marvelous as they are rare. At Diamond Mansion, we will help guide you through the process of finding the right heart shaped diamond for any occasion, from a once in a lifetime engagement to a momentous anniversary. They say diamonds are forever..well, heart shaped diamonds are for always.

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