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Are Asscher Cut Engagement Rings the Most Expensive?

Are Asscher Cut Engagement Rings More Expensive?

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You’ve probably heard that Asscher cut engagement rings can be more expensive than engagement rings with a round brilliant or princess cut diamond. The logic makes sense: most luxury goods associated with a family name – like Gucci, Prada, and Louis Vuitton – are more expensive because these famed designers have built their high-end brands over generations.

Joseph Asscher created the Asscher cut diamond in 1902 and cut massive diamonds for Great Britain’s Crown Jewels. Until recently, an Asscher cut diamond was difficult to find. A buyer could only purchase a vintage Asscher cut stone from a jewelry store that specializes in antique jewelry.

It’s true that Asscher cut diamonds can be more expensive than other types of polished diamonds, for a few reasons.

  1. Only very high-quality diamonds will be chosen for Asscher cuts because this cut can’t hide blemishes the way a round brilliant cut can.
  2. Often, diamonds tend to look smaller with an Asscher cut than with other cuts, so you might to spend more by increasing carat weight.
  3. Not many retailers carry Asscher cut diamonds because the cut is not as well known and popular as some other cuts. Low supply increases the price.

What sets Diamond Mansion apart from other jewelry retailers is that we carry a diverse selection of Asscher cut diamonds that can be mounted in the setting of your dreams. Asscher cut diamonds look best in open settings that allow the light to shine through them, but we can help you design your own unique engagement ring that will capture the Asscher cut’s Art Deco origins while still looking timeless.

2016 Update: In 2016, round brilliant cut diamonds are 30% more expensive than Asscher cut diamonds. Now, Asscher cut and cushion cut diamonds have been among the least expensive shapes for diamond engagement rings.