4 Beautiful Oval Engagement Rings

Oval diamonds are one of the most popular choices for diamond engagement rings, and it’s not just by happenstance. The way light reflects off this particular cut makes them one of the most brilliant cuts of diamonds you can find, and the more slender frame of an oval cut creates a more elegant solution to more ostentatious, chunky diamond shapes, especially in a solitaire setting. And oval cut engagement rings are a flattering choice too, as the ring setting can make your fiance’s fingers look longer and more elegant. In a more practical sense, an oval diamond is less likely to become a hassle or get in the way when doing everyday tasks, and the elongated shape makes them a classy alternative to the standard round diamond.

You can change your outfit daily, but your cut diamond engagement ring is stuck as it is, and that means that you want a ring that’s going to accessorize well with the outfits you tend to wear. Fortunately, oval diamond engagement rings come in a diverse range of different options from solitaire engagement rings to much more ornate options. These four oval diamond rings are only scratching the surface of what’s available for bridal sets, but they rank among the best and demonstrate the sort of diversity you can find with this type of cut gemstone.

1. Forever Halo

Oval cut diamonds are some of the most brilliant jewels you’ll find anywhere, but that doesn’t mean they have to do all the heavy lifting entirely by themselves. Investing in a halo ring can dramatically accentuate the brilliance of the existing diamond without overshadowing it. That’s because the “halo” in question is a collection of smaller jewels that surround the diamond itself. And doubling up the layers of jewels— as is the case with double halo rings, can take things one step further and transform even the most mundane of oval diamonds into a gleaming work of bejeweled art.

There’s nothing mundane about the Forever Halo. Clean and colorless, it gleams with something approaching perfection and makes use of a pave design that further ranks up the glamour. The smaller diamonds aren’t just situated around the diamond itself but are also encrusted entirely up and down the band itself. 

An oval halo engagement ring like this represents one of the more conventional choices for an engagement ring— but it continues to be a recognized standard for a reason. If you decide you want to go with something a little less conventional, you can always opt instead for a hidden halo ring or a double halo setting to really impress. You can also customize the metal type, with everything from 14k rose gold and 14k white gold to yellow gold and 18k white gold.

2. Celtic Knot Design Pave

If you’ve got an Irish gal, or just someone who loves all things celtic, this ring is exactly right for her. The stunning, traditional look of celtic tracery never goes out of style. This sophisticated ring features the classic celtic knot design on each side of a sparkling oval diamond. The diamond is prong set, meaning that light can get into it from every angle so that it will shine like the sun itself. The celtic knot is formed from one continuous line, symbolizing the eternity of your love, so every time she looks at the ring, she’ll be reminded of the strength of your bond. It also adds a touch of mystery to the ring design as a whole. 

Along the sides of the shank feature round cut diamonds, just shy of a carat. These bring extra attention to the celtic designs and add an even more special look to what would otherwise be a plain band. The oval shape will make her fingers look long and lean, while still adding a touch of uniqueness to this lovely design. This gorgeous ring is also available in multiple metal colors, so you can match the metal to your special lady’s favorite choice, especially if she already has celtic inspired jewelry that she’d like to match with. 

The glimmer and shine are unique, if a bit more on the artistic side. If you’re looking for something more classic in your own engagement ring, consider this as a lovely option for an anniversary ring, or even just a special gift. 

3. Vintage Twisted

Oval rings aren’t exactly a new phenomenon— and while that may leave the initial impression that everything that can be done with them has been done, that’s actually an asset too. There are a ton of oval diamond rings on the market that draw from classical sensibilities to create a one-of-a-kind vintage design, but one of our favorites is the Vintage Twisted. The design sets it distinctly apart from more traditional engagement rings on the market, but there’s a sort of timeless retro feel to the entire design. And it’s available in both a clear and a yellow diamond, or you can even have it set with your own existing center stone.

In terms of raw carat weight, this isn’t the most opulent oval ring available, but the center stone only tells part of the story. The raised prongs here do a great job of making sure that every facet of the oval shape is fully exposed to the light when you want it to be, and the entire design is all about putting the attention on the diamond itself by raising it higher off the surface and surrounding it with an elaborate— but not intrusive— a collection of smaller inset gems. 

But the coolest twist is the twist itself, which results in a significantly more sophisticated shape than you’ll find at most jewelers. Add this unique ring to your wishlist today.

4. Three-Row Micro Pave Art Nouveau

Art Nouveau may be a phrase that speaks to a specific place and time, but it’s never going to go completely out of style in the realm of jewelry. Art Nouveau tends to combine together extravagant pave bands with brilliant diamonds, and that’s certainly the case here.. The combination of elements here might otherwise seem gaudy, but the general styling here lends it a vintage feel that’s sure to draw eyes. After all, Art Nouveau is supposed to be flamboyant.

And if you really want to make the style stand apart from other engagement rings, be sure to swap out the center diamond. In addition to the traditional clear rock, you can also pick it up with a yellow or black diamond. Whatever option you go with, this is an artistically distinct ring that really highlights the long legacy of oval cut diamonds in engagement rings. 

In Summary

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