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Classical and Traditional Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Couples By the Year

For married couples, every year that goes by means something special. While some couples don’t necessarily require a lot when it comes to wedding anniversary gifts, some couples like celebrating with gift-giving. Whatever the case may be, celebrating your anniversary wit the perfect gift is a good idea to show your partner that you care. If you are looking to do something different this year, you could head out to the store and purchase your significant other something special and memorable that they can carry around for years of marriage to come.

Interestingly, there are traditional anniversary gifts for each year if you’re looking to taking gift-giving to the next level. Some great anniversary gift ideas usually are diamonds and any type of jewelry. But if you don’t have the budget to put purchase an expensive gift, you could always make something yourself. Below is a wedding anniversary gift list to help you celebrate your anniversary this year, based on the themed gifts that have been popular. 

1st Anniversary

For the first year of marriage, it is best not to go all out and break the bank. Chances are, you are building a life for yourself and don’t necessarily have the cash to front something expensive. Your wife probably knows this and doesn’t expect anything big for the first wedding anniversary. You could get a picture framed of a special time the two of you spent together for some home decor. Or you could get a high-end clock that is the perfect decoration for any kitchen or hallway. Some gemstones are also pretty affordable and can be made into a necklace or bracelet or simply used as a paperweight. 

2nd Anniversary

Being married for two years is quite an accomplishment for any couple. You passed that first integral milestone of working out the kinks in your relationship and have learned how to live together. This could be the perfect time to implement a gift that speaks of your commitment to your loved one. One suggestion is to get some fine china that can be used for special occasions with friends or simply if you want to have a fancy at-home date night with your significant other. 

Another option for a second-year anniversary gift would be to get an item made out of 100% cotton that your partner will be sure to love. Cotton is woven in such a way that it represents the weaves couples make to come together as one, and it is the traditional gift for this anniversary. 

3rd Anniversary

Three years is another ultimate milestone and should be treated as such. You should pull out all the stops for the anniversary celebrations to show your partner that you care. 

You could invest in something leather because it represents security. It is a type of fabric that is hard to break, much like the durability of the bond that enabled you to spend three years together with your love. One thing to consider is that leather is usually more expensive, so if you do not have the funds to do so, you should save up for a while to purchase a gift made of leather. 

A leather love seat would be a great asset to any seating space for a modern anniversary gift. A leather jacket will enhance a wardrobe like no other. If you decide to go with jewelry, talk to a jeweler to incorporate a pearl into your gift. Pearls are a symbol of wisdom, much like the wisdom you developed as a couple over the years. 

4th Anniversary

Fruit, flowers, and appliances are great gifts if you are entering into your fourth year of a relationship. There isn’t a woman on the planet that doesn’t enjoy fruit, flowers, candy, or electrical appliances to add to their kitchen. If you want to get your wife some jewelry, it is best to get Blue Topaz or Blue Sapphire because they are associated with love and prosperity. There are plenty of affordable Blue Topaz pieces at your local jewelry store for you to choose from. 

6th Anniversary

If you have made it your sixth year, congratulations, it is time to celebrate. You should probably consider saving for a little while and going in on something special. Experts say if you do not want to go through with buying jewelry, you should probably get an item made out of iron, considering it marks your strength in staying together for so long. You can get something of value or just a trinket that says that “this relationship will withstand the test of time.” If you decide to go with a piece of jewelry, you go with amethyst because it is a strong stone that could represent your strong bond. 

7th Anniversary

Your seventh year around the sun with your significant other should be celebrated by purchasing something that represents your strength. One idea would be to consider gifting a desk set or some kind of furniture where your significant other can spend a great deal of time. 

You could also give them something made out of wool. A wool blanket or jacket would be great for the colder months and remind your partner that you are in it for the long haul. If you decide to go with jewelry, you should get an item with Onyx. This hard and durable stone is a great representation of overcoming trials and tribulations. 

8th and 9th anniversary

Your eight and ninth years are something special because they almost round out to a decade. If you decide to celebrate your anniversary at this time (which you should), you should consider getting an item that you made, or dropping some money on some authentic pottery. 

Or you should keep the color bronze in mind as well. This color represents the strength of your relationship. If you want jewelry, you should invest in an item that highlights a Tourmaline. This stone is tough and durable, meaning that it is harder to damage. 

10th anniversary

Once you make it to ten years, now you know that your wife will probably always stick around, and you should treat her. A good idea would be to get her an item made out of aluminum or tin. Aluminum tin will not rust or damage; it will last forever and be a constant reminder that you are in it for the long haul. If you decide to get a piece of jewelry, you should go with a modern diamond ring. Diamonds tend to last a lot longer and won’t damage, unlike other stones. It is the perfect representation of love and staying together for the long haul.

In Summary

If you make it beyond these early anniversaries, congratulations! You’re in it for the long haul. Precious metals, stones like opal, aquamarine, and citrine, and more expensive gifts start to show up as the years go on. Your 19th anniversary gift should center around jade, while your 20th anniversary gift should focus on porcelain or terracotta. Looking forward, the theme for a 25th anniversary is silver, so gifts like silverware and silver plate are good ideas. Keep in mind that the 50th wedding anniversary is the golden anniversary, so keep in mind gold jewelry, and the anniversary theme for the 60th anniversary is diamonds.