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Diamond Anniversary Bands That are Trending

Just because you’ve been with your significant other for a significant period of time doesn’t mean that the love fades. If anything, it matures and transforms into new and more special iterations that are still rooted in the qualities that made you first fall in love. 

But that also means that you can’t keep buying the same things over and over again when seeking out gifts to celebrate your evolving marriage. Picking a diamond anniversary ring to go with your diamond wedding band means reflecting on those changes and coming up with presents that are in line with that growth and evolution. Fortunately, the current market is diverse – and it provides you with options for just about any price range.

Sterling Silver Diamond Bands

You can never go wrong with a classic, getting your significant a sterling silver diamond band ring, because it is ultimately something that they will love. Also, these ring styles are typically very affordable, with some being under $50, although this metal type is prone to tarnishing. The sterling silver diamond band ring usually features milgrain edging that ends up making the ring look like one of a kind. Every detail is intricate, and the prong diamond accents make the ring sparkle and pop.  

If you’d like to stick with this metal color but want to up the quality, try for a platinum, 10k white gold, or 14k white gold band. 

Yellow Gold Bands

Rose gold has been so popular for so long that it’s practically become a joke – and it’s been boasted as a coloring option for everything from wedding rings to phones to smartwatches. But nothing lasts forever, and some jewelers think that yellow gold is likely to come back in style, especially for stackable rings.

While rose gold is still the dominant trend in anniversary bands, ranging from 10k rose gold to 14k rose gold and more, we’re seeing more and more couples opting for glittery and natural bands, and this is the right time to get in on the bottom floor of the latest jewelry fashion movement. But the thing about trends is that they come and go. 

Fortunately, a simple band that emphasizes yellow gold can have some lasting power, especially in the way it shows of stone color. Yellow gold is enough of a standard that it’s always going to be in style, and if you pair it together with other anniversary rings, you can create a spectrum of metallic hues that reflect the rich history of your relationship.

Lavish and Chunky Bands

Sure, we just stated that minimalism is in, but it seems extravagance is as well. 2020 is a time of extremes, and we’re seeing movements towards both stripped down and bulked out designs. Consider, for instance, the Art Nouveau style. These often feature unique stone shapes, like baguette-cut stones, embedded into the eternity band. The same swaggering reflection of opulence that was popular in the swinging 20s is finding traction in the 2020s, and the fact that it comes with the added benefit of retro credibility means that it’s not going to look outdated years down the line.

Huge carat diamonds aren’t the only way to be effective if you’re trying to impress on an anniversary, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get extravagant with your diamond jewelry. A little extra sparkle isn’t going to outshine her princess cut diamond engagement ring. Pave set diamonds that offer a nice glimmer from 360 degrees will always be in style and give something for your significant other to confidently show off with your bridal set, so add it to your wish list today.

Anniversary Traditions

You married her for the long haul, and that means that what’s trending now isn’t going to have that much of an impact over the course of your entire relationship. And while it’s important to look at what’s popular today, there are some traditions that are always trending.

That means that if you’re at a loss regarding what to get your partner, you can always check the traditions for what each year means. While there aren’t precious metal or stone type standards for every year, the big milestones are covered. Gold is standard for a first-year anniversary, while sapphires are recognized as the preeminent choice for the fifth anniversary, and diamonds and rubies are used to represent years 10 and 15, respectively.

That doesn’t mean that you should let these standards do the heavy lifting entirely. While these can be guiding principles when shopping for a yearly anniversary ring, be sure to keep current trends in mind when shopping for a ring within those parameters. You also want to keep in mind their wedding set. And never forget to take the unique stylistic preferences of your partner into consideration as well.

How to Buck Those Traditions

If there was ever a year where traditions were upended, it’s 2020. And there’s an argument to be made that the best choice you can make in 2020 is to disregard current standards entirely. Whether that means trading in a modest gold ring for with a higher gold karat or ditching the three-stone ring entirely in favor of a new two-tone piece of jewelry, the sky’s the limit.

More and more women are eyeing rings with precious gemstones as the base for their anniversary ring, and that can be an effective way to mix things up throughout the years. Birthstones are a good place to start, but it ultimately comes down to communication and a willingness to understand where your partner is coming from. Fortunately, the multitude of anniversaries you’re going to experience means you have a little more flexibility to get creative with it.

If there’s anything you can learn about the trends in 2020, it’s that trends are still fluid. There’s a push towards nostalgia and simplicity on one end and unique and creative rings on the other. Fortunately, there’s a market that can support both. And with the market as open as it is today, there are plenty of compelling new designers on the market who can create something that’s perfect for your loved one— and a perfect reflection of your uniquely tangled relationship with them. Because while trends may come and go, your love will last forever. Let the jewelry you buy your partner tell a narrative instead of just serving as a way to impress your friends and family.

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