In Depth Engagement Ring Buyer’s Guide

Finding the perfect engagement ring is a process in itself that can take some time. If you are planning on popping the question sometime shortly, you probably realize that finding the perfect ring can be quite intimidating. You have to ask yourself if your future wife is going to love it or hate it. Ultimately, chances are, she will probably love it because she loves you, so do not stress too much. This is supposed to be one of the happiest times of your life. Keep in mind, however, that there are quite a few steps you have to take in the process of planning the perfect proposal with the perfect ring. 

Know Your Budget

One of the most important processes in buying anything is knowing your budget. You cannot go into a store expecting to buy something extravagant and not be able to eat the rest of the year. 

In the past, it was considered proper that the man save up two months of his salary, and that will be an indicator of what he could spend on a ring. This doesn’t necessarily have to be the case in modern times. That rule is now considered outdated; however, you want to give your future wife something nice. So, you may as well get the nicest thing that you can afford because this ring is going to represent your love for years to come. 

Plan the Surprise

There is a small population of people that do not enjoy surprises. If your significant other is in this category, it may be best not to catch her off guard. However, we suggest that if your partner loves surprises that you surprise her with an engagement ring and a proposal that she is going to remember for years to come. 

Letting your future wife pick out her engagement ring is not necessarily any fun. Instead, your shopping around could turn into a comment of just how thoughtful you are. If you are planning on surprising your partner with a proposal without getting her input on the ring, you should go into the jeweler knowing your partner’s ring size. Then, you want to make sure to check with her friends and family that this is the ring she wants. 

Find Out What She Likes

To make sure you are getting a ring that will warm your partner’s heart, it is highly suggested that you pay attention to her likes and dislikes. There are quite a few ways you can obtain this type of knowledge. 

First, be sure to ask questions and understand just exactly what she likes. Look in her jewelry box and take in the style of jewelry she likes. Does she prefer to wear gold or silver? Simple or ornate? Take notes on the colors she incorporates into her wardrobe, and be sure to keep that in mind when shopping for a ring. 

Find Out Her Ring Size

Next, you are going to want to find out her ring size. You can do this in a variety of different ways. One way you can obtain this information is by going into her jewelry box and checking out the sizes of her rings. 

Unfortunately, because we often fluctuate in weight, so sometimes our fingers tend to swell. If your partner has gained or lost some weight, you could always just ask their ring size measurements but be coy. Don’t let her in on your secret by divulging too much information. Instead, keep it simple and tell her you don’t have a reason for asking; you just want to know for your benefit. 

Find Out What She Likes

Getting the perfect engagement ring doesn’t necessarily have to be based on her favorite style of jewelry. It can be based on all of her likes and dislikes. You could even ask her what her favorite movie is to get a handle on her favorite styles. Find out her favorite colors by looking in her closet and seeing what she likes to wear. 

Also, look at the art on the wall because it could ultimately tell you a lot of things as well when it comes to her personality. Is the art she has on the wall loud and full of color? If that is the case, you probably could go in on a ring that has more of a bold design. Another way you can find out exactly what your partner likes is by taking her to the jewelry store yourself and asking her exactly what she likes. If you don’t want to let your partner in on the secret, though, this can be tricky. 

Find a Great Engagement Band

Picking out the engagement ring band is just as important as picking out the ring itself. You have to keep in mind your partner’s personal preferences. Do they love gold or silver? If so, you should pick one of the two based on what she likes. While you are probably more interested in the durability of the band, chances are your significant other is probably more interested in the way it looks. 

Find A Great Diamond

While shopping for the ring of your partner’s dreams can be a daunting process, you have to find a high-grade diamond that suits your partner’s personality and tastes. Be sure to keep in mind the Four Cs when shopping for the perfect diamond: cut, color, clarity, and carat weight. 

It is a common misconception that the cut of a diamond is the shape of a diamond. That is not the case; the cut represents the angles and proportions of the stone itself. Diamonds also come in a variety of colors, contrary to popular belief. You can choose a diamond that is a certain color that will stand out on your partner’s finger when she shows it off other loved ones. 

Clarity is also important but the fewer the imperfections a diamond has, the more it costs. So if you are on a budget, you may have to settle for a few imperfections instead of a crystal clear diamond. 

The carat weight is only slightly important in comparison to the other three c’s. Having a heavier rock could potentially cost you more money. So you should focus more on the other three c’s above all. Finally, you should pay attention to the diamond’s shape. The most common shapes are round, princess, pear, oval, and heart.