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How to Choose Halo Engagement Rings Based on Hand Shapes

Choosing a Unique Halo Engagement Ring

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When shopping for unique engagement rings, you’ve probably heard the word “halo.” Are you worried it’s just one more term you need to learn?

A halo is simply a grouping of diamonds, usually set in a circular pattern, that surrounds the center stone. If you’ve seen a depiction of a halo around an angel’s head, then you can probably imagine a halo around a diamond.

In this post, you’ll learn that the process of choosing a halo engagement ring based on hand shape is similar to choosing a center stone based on hand shape.

What Do Her Fingers Look Like?

Long fingers: Oval and pear-shaped diamonds with halos tend to elongate the finger, but a round or square center stone will make a very long finger appear shorter.

Short fingers: For a woman with short fingers, choose a pear-shaped stone with a halo, but avoid large, rectangular center stones, which can overwhelm her hand.

Narrow fingers: Rings with thicker band styles and smaller center stones surrounded by a halo best complement narrow fingers. Women with narrow fingers should avoid heart-shaped and round stones.

Wide fingers: Round center stones with halos may be the most flattering for wide fingers. Large marquis stones best complement short and wide fingers.

Are Her Hands Small or Large?

Small hands: As long as the center stone and surrounding halo are relatively small, most diamond shapes are flattering on small hands.

Large hands: Women with larger hands should avoid rings with small stones, since they won’t look as prominent. Large, sometimes even chunky rings, flatter a woman with larger hands.

No matter what type of hands your woman has, a halo engagement ring can flatter her fingers and make her feel like a princess! Do you feel more comfortable selecting a halo engagement ring?