How to Execute the Perfect Valentine's Day Proposal Without Being too Cliché

How to Execute the Perfect Valentine’s Day Proposal Without Being too Cliché

Valentine’s Day, often referred to as a “Hallmark Holiday”, is the universal day to celebrate love and for showing appreciation to your loved ones. It’s a day filled with flowers, chocolates, oversized teddy bears, fancy dinners and gifts from the heart.  

Valentine’s Day also happens to be one of the most popular days of the year for proposals. Surprised? Probably not. According to, 50% of proposals happen on Valentine’s Day. In fact, reports “rings” generated the most search traffic during the first seven days of February.

Some may say the Valentine’s Day proposal is a bit over-done or too predictable. At Diamond Mansion, we believe you can pull off the most romantic Valentine’s Day proposal without being too cliché. All you need is a plan, a location, and of course, an engagement ring.  

The Location

The location of a proposal is one of the most important and memorable pieces to the puzzle. When planning a Valentine’s Day proposal, it’s important to remember that restaurants, theaters, parks, etc. will be buzzing with people. Reservations should be made ahead of time to avoid any delays for your big plan.  

If crowds aren’t your thing, consider planning the proposal at a meaningful and quiet location such as the place you first met or the home you two share together. “At home” proposals are growing in popularity due to its personal and intimate environment. This would be a perfect way to propose on Valentine’s Day without the chaos of the holiday imposing on the special moment. 

“At home” proposals have been growing in popularity.

Planning an overnight or weekend trip for Valentine’s Day is common for couples. It’s a great way to block out the stress of everyday life and spend some uninterrupted quality time with your significant other. Picture this; a cozy cabin in the woods, a bottle of champagne and… a proposal! Sounds like a dream come true but be careful. They might be suspicious of an upcoming proposal if you’re planning a trip on a special day. Try to throw them off by hinting at other gifts you may have bought such as “that faux-fur winter jacket you’ve been talking about since Christmas” or “a down payment on the boat we’re buying this summer.” Talks of a big purchase will help deflect from the actual big purchase! Stephanie & Gregory
Photo from Stephanie & Gregory

The Ring

We’re all for a Valentine’s Day proposal. What better way to say “spend forever with me” than proposing on the one day of the year dedicated to love. Since we love LOVE, we’re going to say it is totally acceptable to buy a heart shape engagement ring to propose on V-Day. But you obviously know your significant other better than we do and if a heart shape ring on a holiday consumed by hearts seems too cheesy, follow your gut and opt out of a heart ring. There are more than 10 different popular shapes to choose from. Don’t feel pressure to buy a heart shape stone. You can even customize your ring from cut to carat directly on the website.  

Halo Heart Twisted Shank Engagement Ring

The Plan

As important as it is to have a proposal plan, it’s just as important not to over-plan. Life happens and not everything will go off without a hitch. Be flexible and try not to have sky-high expectations.  

While we insist on not over-planning, it is highly encouraged to start planning the proposal weeks ahead of time in regards to ring shopping. Timing is very important in order to pull off a Valentine’s Day proposal. Imagine spending hours planning the big day, only to have the ring not show up in time.  

Here’s where to start; Browse Diamond Mansion’s website to view our vast collection of engagement rings. Read “DIAMOND BUYING GUIDE: THE CHEAT SHEET.” Once you have a design in mind, schedule a consultation either over the phone or in person. Work one-on-one with a ring specialist to design the ring of their dreams. Creating an engagement ring from start to finish typically takes up to two weeks. The process can be expedited but to avoid any last-minute delays or changes, schedule a consultation at least two weeks prior to the big day. If the plan is to propose on Valentine’s Day, you won’t have much flexibility so be proactive. It will make the entire experience a lot less stressful.  

Dino, lead sales associate, showing a customer the GIA grading system for diamonds. GIA is the leading authority for diamonds in the world.

Tips & Tricks

You have a location, a ring, and a plan! Congratulations. The hard part is over and you’re ready to execute your master plan on Valentine’s Day.  Here are some last-minute things to remember.  

  • Hire a photographer to capture the proposal; You’ll be thankful to always have that moment on camera! 
  • Make sure they are dressed for the occasion. A perk of proposing on Valentine’s Day is that, even if they aren’t suspecting a proposal, they will already be dressed appropriately, due to the holiday.
  • If you’re planning an intimate or at home proposal, consider music to set the mood. Make a playlist of romantic songs or find an already curated one on Spotify. If the proposal is taking place outside, bring a Bluetooth speaker (very portable nowadays) and serenade them to their favorite song. “L-O-V-E” by Frank Sinatra is one of our favorites, if you need any inspiration! 
  • Get a special ring box designed to hide perfectly in a suit jacket or pant pockets. This is especially important for a Valentine’s Day proposal. They may already be suspicious and will be eyeing your pockets all night looking for a traditional sized ring box. This will be a great way to throw them off before popping the question. At Diamond Mansion, we offer several different options for ring boxes with engagement ring purchases.  
  • Valentine’s Day is a winter holiday. Plan for the weather and dress accordingly. Check the forecast if you’re traveling out of town to avoid any cancellations or delays.
  • If possible, avoid having any packages addressed to you arrive in the days leading up to Valentine’s Day. You can never be too careful. This is a once in a lifetime experience and the surprise itself is something to be remembered forever.  
  • Check out our proposal guide for more information on all things proposals!

We can’t wait to see how it turned out! Good luck.