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Important Policies for Custom Diamond Engagement Rings

Policies for Custom Designed Engagement Rings

When buying a custom diamond engagement ring, you should feel confident about your one-of-a-kind purchase and be certain that your investment will be protected for life. Understandably, you’ll want to purchase your unique engagement ring from a jeweler who openly advertises all customer service policies, without any hidden exclusions or “catches.”

In this post, we’ll discuss five important customer service policies that you should prioritize when shopping for your custom engagement ring and why. We’ll also explain how Diamond Mansion handles these policies and why we created our policies with you in mind. After all, many of our valued customers never get the chance to meet us in person, but at the end of the day we want our clients to feel like our trusted friends.

Fair return policy: Some consumers associate the word “custom” with “no returns accepted.” After all, a retailer might have difficulty reselling an item that was already custom designed for another customer, per his or her unique specifications. However, jewelry is different; if a jeweler can’t resell a custom-designed piece, then the materials can be reused. As a result, a jeweler has nothing to lose by offering a fair return policy.

In fact, companies that offer fair return policies usually offer better customer service and higher-quality items because the possibility that a customer might return an item raises the stakes. Companies with generous return policies are in the business of pleasing their clients, ensuring they adore the purchase for life.

Diamond Mansion offers a 30 day return policy for all purchases. If for any reason, our customers are dissatisfied with a purchase, we will accept the item and provide a full refund. We want our custom-designed diamond engagement rings to exceed our customers’ expectations, so we use only the best materials and employ only the most talented craftspeople. But we do understand that customers change minds or experience extenuating circumstances.

Lifetime upgrade: Jewelry retailers know that diamond engagement rings and wedding bands are purchases meant to last a lifetime. Sometimes customers want to upgrade their original rings because they have more money to spend or want to celebrate a milestone like an anniversary. A lifetime upgrade policy honors customer loyalty and acknowledges the original purchase as an important investment.

We offer a lifetime upgrade for all diamond jewelry. For one, we’ll give you 100% of your original purchase price toward a new diamond that costs 40% more than what you paid for your original diamond.

Lifetime maintenance: Over time, rings can be scratched, prongs can wear down, and stones might become loose. Signs of wear don’t mean that your jewelry is defective; they just mean that you use your hands frequently and that you love your custom diamond engagement ring. In addition, over time, a person’s ring size can change. A jewelry retailer who offers free lifetime maintenance knows that you’ll want to keep your ring looking like new and fitting properly for life.

At Diamond Mansion, we provide the following maintenance services free of charge to our customers: polishing, rhodium plating, deep cleaning, resizing up to two sizes, and tightening loose stones.

Minimum commitment: Despite images and wax molds, most customers aren’t sure how the custom-designed diamond engagement ring will look once it’s been made. They might be afraid to commit to a process that requires a large down payment or commitment. Don’t think that you need to provide a hefty down payment in order to begin the customization process.

At Diamond Mansion, we require only 10% down to begin the customization process. Even better, if the customer doesn’t like the finished product for any reason, we refund the deposit and don’t require any further commitment.

Free or low-cost shipping: As a valued customer who’s already investing a significant amount of money in the purchase, you shouldn’t have to pay for shipping. Seek a jeweler who covers shipping costs as a courtesy and token of appreciation.

At Diamond Mansion we offer free, secure shipping to all our customers. We even ship internationally!

What are some customer service policies that you find important? Are you surprised that you can custom design a ring with such little commitment and risk to you?