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Inspiration for Unique Men’s Wedding Bands

Looking for a wedding band that stands out from the crowd? Perhaps you’re after unique men’s wedding bands, or you’re looking for a ring that complements your partner’s, which is different from traditional styles. 

Finding the perfect ring to symbolize your love and bond can feel even more special when the ring matches your character and traits. After all, when it comes to your wedding ring, it’s essential that you choose a design that you’ll treasure and wear with delight for the rest of your life.

If you’re looking for wedding bands for men that are a bit out of the box, you may prefer to refashion your wedding band so it suits your taste and highlights a more personal touch. 

Our guide covers how to find wonderful wedding bands for men, to assure you that your wedding jewelry feels incredible and meaningful to you.

What makes a wedding band unique?

There are no set rules on what makes a wedding band unique – instead, it’s about what feels intimate to you and your partner. When it comes to finding the perfect men’s wedding ring, there are just as many options to consider as there are for women’s wedding rings – from opting between gold or platinum, to the cut of the diamond.

If you’re searching for ways to make your wedding band feel incomparable and stick out from conventional styles, here are some factors to consider:

  • Two-toned metal: If you’re looking for a way for your wedding band to stand out, why not look at a two-toned metal for your ring? Two-toned means a fusion of different colored materials, such as white gold and rose gold. If you can’t decide which metal you prefer, (or if you’re looking for an extra splash of color to your wedding ring) having a two-toned metal can add a beautiful, personal touch to your wedding jewelry
  • Unique cut: If you want a diamond ring, you may go for a more distinctive cut for your gemstone, like an emerald cut or a pear shape diamond, which can add a vintage feel to your wedding band.
  • Add some color: While pure diamonds are popular and known for their transparent, colorless appearance, you may prefer a colored diamond. Coloration is caused by interstitial impurities or structural defects. ​​While brown and yellow are most common for natural colored diamonds, you can find diamonds of other colors like natural pink, blue and violet, which are especially rare
  • Engravings: Looking to personalize your wedding band? Adding an engraving to your jewelry can be the perfect way to commemorate the love you share, by adding some special words or initials. Not only will adding to an engraving make it feel unique, it will offer a sentimental touch to your ring as a reminder of the meaning behind your wedding band

Unique wedding bands for men

Looking for a unique men’s wedding band? There are several types of ring to choose from that are exceptional from your traditional, simple ring. Here are some ideas you should consider:


1.50ct Asscher Signet Channel Natural Diamond Men's Band

Signet rings originate from religious leaders and Pharaohs and were originally used by men to mark and seal documents by pressing the face into hot wax. Traditionally, signet rings include an engraved or raised symbol in the center, with words or letters, or an image (like a family crest) that was symbolic to the wearer. 

Today, signet rings can be designed however you like and can add a special tinge to your wedding band. If you like the shape of a signet ring but still want the luxury of diamonds, our Asscher Signet Channel Natural Diamond band could be the perfect choice for you – combining a classic masculine appearance with some diamond sparkle.


High polished Yellow/Rose Gold wave-like designs in the center finished in White/Yellow Gold accents this band. Each side is also set with glistening diamonds in a Pave setting,
Screw Knot Design Men's Diamond Band

A two-toned ring is a unique design that stands out from rings made from just one metal. Instead, the ring combines two beautiful metals together, which can be symbolic of bringing together two people in marriage. Our Natural Infinity Two Toned Eternity Pave Diamond Wedding Band combines two-toned metals with a braided design. You can customize the ring to your taste, whether you prefer rose gold and yellow gold, or love white gold jewelry. 


1 Carat Round Bezel Natural Men's Diamond Ring
1 Carat Emerald Bezel Natural Men's Diamond Ring
6mm Men's Bezel Emerald Diamond Wedding Band in Yellow Gold

Diamonds aren’t just a girl’s best friend, so why not add a touch of sparkle with a solitaire ring? Solitaire wedding bands feature a single diamond as the centerpiece, like our Men’s Round Cut Solitaire Natural Diamond Ring, which includes a stunning round cut diamond that emerges on a gold or platinum setting. Solitaire rings are the perfect choice for an extraordinary wedding band, especially if you’re looking to break away from your typical, plain gold rings that are a common design for men. 

How to make your wedding band truly unique

Whether a wedding band is rare enough is entirely your decision. Perhaps, you prefer two-toned rings that combine your two favorite metals, or maybe adding an engraving to your wedding ring will make it special, while offering a sentimental value to your jewelry. While your wedding ring is a daily reminder of the love you and your partner share, it’s important that it embodies your style and personality too.

The best way to make sure your ring feels exceptional is to have it customized. Here at Diamond Mansion, you can design your wedding ring to your preference. You can even personalize your ring by the type of diamond, as well as the shape, color, clarity and cut, so your wedding band is tailored to your liking. That way, you’ll have the perfect ring that is individual to you, that you can wear with satisfaction for the rest of your life.

Looking for the perfect men’s wedding ring?

A wedding ring is a physical reminder of the life-long commitment, love and promise you share with your partner, so finding the perfect, unparalleled wedding band is important for any husband-to-be.  

Best Selling Men’s Bands

Princess Cut Diamond Wedding Ring For Men & Women
Matte Channel Set Eternity Diamond Men's Band
This diamond ring is channel set and Bezel set holding the center stone. The gap allows light to radiate from the stone.
This 7mm ring is carefully designed with a beveled edge for a traditional look and style