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What to Consider When Creating a Custom Engagement Ring

Design Your Engagement Ring

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Convinced that only wealthy celebrities can afford custom engagement rings? Or that the only couples who design their own engagement rings are those with unique interests (think: Stars Wars and Lord of the Rings-themed engagement rings)?

Maybe you’ve been shopping for pre-made rings but haven’t found exactly the one you want. At Diamond Mansion, we invite all customers to design their own engagement rings because an engagement ring should be as unique as the woman wearing it. When you select the exact elements you’d like to include in your ring, your adding your personality to the finished product.

When you begin the customization process, we’ll work with you every step of the way so that your ring exceeds your expectations. Here are some things to consider when designing your own engagement ring:

Before beginning the process, gather ideas of what you like. Flip through wedding magazines or browse Pinterest. Then, note the styles that catch your eye. Pay attention to trends but be aware that some style that are popular now might not remain popular in five years.

Once you choose your style, you’ll have to select your color palette. We offer diamonds in white, yellow, and black. You can also set your diamond in yellow, white, or rose gold.

Do you know her favorite diamond shape? Oval and round are more traditional, while square cut diamonds are more modern. Other shapes include pear, heart, and marquise. We can help you choose a diamond shape to match your overall vision and flatter her hand.

Once you’ve selected your diamond and described to us what you want, we do all the difficult work! When the ring is complete and to your specifications, we can customize it even further by adding an engraving.

Are you surprised by how easy the ring customization process can be?


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