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Five of the Most Beautiful Diamond Eternity Bands

Eternity rings are a hot commodity right now, and the reason is pretty obvious. These gemstone covered rings look cool, and they represent a shift towards a more ostentatious type of engagement ring or wedding ring. 

Forget the silver, gold, or platinum band set with a single round diamond (or a set of two split diamonds). An eternity band packs the entire surface area of the band with diamonds, and the results are an eye-catching and magnificent ring style that glimmers from every conceivable angle. Eternity rings are becoming more popular as engagement rings, but traditionally, they are given as anniversary bands to celebrate the longevity of your love. 

That popularity of cut diamond eternity bands means there are a lot of options to choose from too. Regardless of your preferred cut, metal color, or setting, chances are that there’s an eternity ring to fit you. There are eternity bands based on everything from marquise cut to princess cut to baguette cut, and more adventurous ring shoppers can even find options like birthstone rings or rings made with black diamonds. They can be bezel set or encased with prongs, and here at Diamond Mansion, we are sure that we have the right ring to dazzle your special lady. If you’re seeking out an eternity ring for a loved one, keep reading. 

We’ve picked out five of the most interesting, most beautiful eternity bands that we offer, with a focus on highlighting the diversity available in this subset of the diamond ring market. Any of these can be used as an engagement ring in their own right, as a stackable complement to a more traditional engagement band, or as a centerpiece keepsake.

1. Eight Carat Asscher Eternity Band

We love the way this eternity band manages to fuse together an opulent elegance with a design that’s almost minimalist. The fact that these two values don’t contradict each other is astonishing, while still leaving you with plenty of room to customize it to fit your needs. Shared prongs hold the diamonds firmly in place and maintain a sense of smooth and seamless design throughout the band. Best of all, you can choose from 14k white gold, 14k yellow gold, 14k rose gold, or platinum designs. If you want to level up, you can opt for 18k white gold. 

And if the current sales trends are any indication, Asscher cut diamonds could be coming back in a big way. While this type of cut is over a century old, it has spent decades as a mostly overlooked cut among all but the most scrutinizing of jewelers. But the past few years have seen things begin to change. Recent developments in technology have caused a reevaluation of the Asscher cut, and new takes on the ring pack significantly more facets into a single diamond. The result is a classic design that’s more brilliant than ever before, regardless of ring size.

2. 3 Carat Tri Color Rolling Pave Eternity Band

The cool thing about a pavé ring is the meticulously positioned miniature prongs that line the surface. By leaving more of the stone shape exposed and creating a seamless consistency of the facets, you’re ensured that every bit of surface area will shine the way it’s supposed to. This three-carat tri-color ring offers three different band metal types, but the detail of the craftsmanship is a work of art in its own right and deserves a spot on your wishlist.

One thing to take into consideration when investing in a pavé ring is how front and center the diamonds on the band are. Too much, and they’ll detract from the natural splendor of your center stone. Too little and the extra cost of those embedded diamonds is going to be completely wasted. This tri-color approach does an exceptional job of toeing the line between both— and creating a band that complements rather than outshines the diamond at the center. An eternity band is a nice way to enhance and personalize a ring, but the center diamond should always be the star of the show, even if you aren’t choosing a solitaire ring.

3. 3.50ctw Natural Princess Pave Blue Sapphire Diamond Eternity Ring

If you want an eternity ring that’s truly unique, why not try this model that mixes together the sensibilities of both a diamond ring and an eternity wedding band? Consistently sized and neatly squared blue sapphires punctuate the space between the princess cut diamonds— creating a sense of distinction that really helps the brilliance of the diamond inlay to really shine. 

It’s certainly not a conventional approach to an eternity band design, but you can be confident that the different stone types are going to provide you with a conversation piece that everyone will be eager to talk about. And its bold design makes it an exceptional choice if you’re buying it as an anniversary gift. This is a ring that deserves to stand alone rather than to play second fiddle as a stackable ring with a more ostentatious partner ring.

4. Emerald Cut Eternity Bands

We love the idea of an eternity band for every anniversary. Anniversary bands allow your ring collection to grow and serve as a time capsule for your relationship together. But this requires that you take a more thoughtful and practical approach to how you shop, and you’re going to branch out a little more on what shape you want your diamonds to be. Emerald cut stones tend to look both classy and expensive, so this ring is absolutely perfect for when you want to make a big entrance. 

Emerald cut anniversary bands are clean and streamlined, and that means that they can complement either more rings of the same cut. You can even stack them with larger engagement rings without overpowering the more important ring. 

The large table and the step cuts incorporated into the design create a reflective effect that only becomes more magnificent when you start stacking years of emerald cut bands together. And once your collection grows, you can mix and match them comfortably to match your mood or the circumstances.

5. Oval Eternity Bands

A lot of eternity bands try to overwhelm you with their brilliance. By packing as many tiny diamonds as possible into a single band, oval bands let each diamond stand out in their own right. Oval eternity bands are a little less common than alternative choices, but that’s part of what makes them such great statement pieces. And if your partner already has an engagement ring with oval diamonds, an oval eternity anniversary ring can extend the brilliance and elegance of that initial ring, just like years of time together will shine the brilliance of that initial promise to have and to hold.

And there’s the added bonus that oval diamond rings are already one of the most popular choices for everything from engagement rings to anniversary presents. The sleeker and rounded off design is less chunky than the alternative, even with a large karat diamond, and the result is a more elegant profile that can make your fingers look longer and leaner.

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