6 of Our Favorite Cushion Cut Engagement Rings

This classic diamond cut has endured for over 200 years, with good reason! With a cushion-cut diamond ring, you have the benefits of both sleek design and the grace of soft, rounded edges in your fine jewelry. The result looks like its namesake— a decorative cushion.

What Are Cushion Cut Diamonds?

Cushion cut diamonds are typically cut into soft squares with round corners. This form of cut was known as a “mine cut” in the 19th century and was so popular that jewelers cut many other kinds of gemstones in a similar fashion. While this style has endured in diamond jewelry, especially in cushion cut diamond engagement rings, newer iterations have upped the number of facets (or sides) from 58 to 64.

Cut with more dispersion than other styles, cushion cut diamonds display a vast range of dazzling colors in diamond engagement rings, which can almost make your diamond appear to be two-tone. These cuts can take the form of brilliant, crushed ice, or modified. 

  • Brilliant cuts are made perpendicularly instead of horizontally, producing a superior glimmer and star-like design. 
  • Crushed ice cuts resemble shattered glass, with smaller facets than other styles of cushion cut diamonds.
  • Modified cuts have a flower-like appearance. Facets start at the pavilion (the lower half) and stop just short of the girdle (the wide edge).

There are a wide variety of cushion cut rings, each with their own benefits and twists on the standard. Here are 6 of our favorite cushion cut diamond rings:

1. Forever Halo

For a more traditional cushion cut aesthetic, look no further than this 1.68 carat square halo ring. Square cushion cut rings are characterized by their four equal sides. This halo engagement ring look absolutely defined the cushion cut style until the 20th century.

Adding a bit of show to the classic design, halo rings are some of the most sought after in the world. A row of smaller diamonds surround a large delicate center stone, forming the ring’s “halo.” The luminous sidestones travel all the way down the shank of the ring, which can be either white gold or yellow gold, to a beautiful effect. 

The Forever Halo holds incredible value for its top-notch design. It’s only fitting that to get to wherever you may be, this cushion cut halo engagement ring must fly over the City of Angels.

2. 3 Row Micro Pave

A fabulous ring style fit for royalty, this elongated cushion cut design shines intensely. 

Elongated cushion cut stones do not have to be square— in fact, they are more rectangular in shape. This style of cut allows the freedom for personalization alongside all the perks of a traditional cushion cut, regardless of ring size. 

A chic pave ring setting creates the illusion that this ring is paved entirely with diamonds. In pave settings, the large pavé diamond center stone is delicately perched above many glimmering gems. A whopping 4.1 carats make this design an ultimate display of passion. 

3. Unique Canary Halo

This radiant yellow diamond will be a perfect match for the brightest personalities, so add it to your wish list. Have you considered a stone with color? Here are a few facts about colored diamonds:

  • A majority of diamonds are rated by color, with completely clear diamonds having the highest worth (a D on the scale). The exception is for fancy-colored diamonds (beyond a Z on the scale).
  • Nearly every color one can imagine can shine from a diamond. Green, pink, red, blue, and yellow are some of the more popular options. 
  • Gems are categorized by increasing color intensity as either fancy light, fancy, or fancy intense. Every stone from Diamond Mansion—including this fancy intense canary yellow diamond—comes with a GIA (Gemological Institute of America) certification. 

Adding to the uniqueness, this diamond halo engagement ring comes with two half-moon side stones: a pair of glorious wings on either side of the canary gem. Pretty in every way, this special arrangement will absolutely delight.

For an extra touch of individuality, pair with a 14K Rose Gold band. The delicate pastel metal type compliments the radiant center diamond perfectly as it sits in a nest of shimmering light. If you’re not sure about buying a colored diamond as an engagement ring, consider it as a new and exciting option for an anniversary gift. 

4. Le Baguette Cushion

Though the cushion “mine cut” is popular in America, you can still add a touch of European flair to your ring.

Long custom-cut baguettes flank this colorless natural cushion cut diamond shape on either side. Baguette cut diamonds have a special vintage appeal. Named after the long French bread for which they resemble, baguette diamonds became popular during the Art Deco movement in the 1920s.

A specialty of Diamond Mansion, baguette gems are step-cut with marks resembling tiny staircases. They often have fewer facets than cushion cut diamonds, making them perfect accent pieces in a custom engagement ring. This especially classic layout will bring a lot of attention to the clarity and sparkle of the center jewel.

In a ring where the gem is centerstage, we especially like beauty diamonds from our Ideal 10 collection. This group measures gems according to 10 factors: depth, table, position, symmetry, fluorescence, culet, facets, location of inclusion, origin, or diamond rough, and color source. Cushion cut diamonds are investment pieces made to last a lifetime and more.

5. Vintage Venetian Verragio

This one really turns heads.

An elegant feast for the eyes, this Verragio engagement ring evokes Italian decadence. Antique style hand etching and alluring side cutouts would be perfectly at home among the Venetian high-class.

The center stone is held securely between two filigree channels, or strips of metal with intricate tracery. Channel set rings greatly reduce the chance of gems being caught or snagged by external objects. Safe and stylish, regardless of the carat weight!

Round cut pave set diamonds cluster around the center cushion cut jewel. These additions offer great variety to the already highly detailed piece. All gems are GIA-certified brilliant, guaranteeing perfect proportions and top-notch shine. 

6. Cushion Cut Celtic Knot  

Diamond Mansion’s rings are fully customizable. Gifting a ring is an expression of love straight from the heart, after all, whether it be the engagement ring or the wedding band. Be as artistic or as traditional as you desire.

This design gives you all the brilliance of a cushion cut stone along with the rich history of celtic designs.

  • A prong setting allows you to see every inch of sparkle from the stone from all sides, because the thin prongs holdng the stone in place allow more light to enter the stone. It became popular in the 19th century, as larger stones came into popularity. 
  • The intricate rope design along the band and the celtic knots that appear symbolize eternity,  because the design is made from one single thread looped over itself.  
  • Solitaire settings showcase a single diamond and usually include a round diamond, unlike many of the rings shown above. Solitaire engagement rings typically have a prong setting, which is less secure than a bezel set but reveals a much greater portion of the diamond. This durable, sleek, modern ring has everything going for it.

To make your search easier, visit our Cushion Cut Guide for a complete guide to the many styles of cushion cut diamond rings Diamond Mansion offers. If you’re looking for more information on other cuts, including princess cut, emerald cut, or marquise, visit our website for more information.