Our Favorite Custom Designed Rings

One of the most exciting parts of an engagement is choosing a ring that not only reflects the personality of the bride-to-be, but also tells the couple’s story. Love is a journey, after all.

Diamond engagement rings are investments that can span multiple generations. Designing a ring with a unique story to tell will keep the piece in conversations for years to come. Staying up on trends and understanding the benefits of popular options is the only way to go.

What to Consider

Taking inspiration from as many places as possible helps get the eye acquainted with which designs and patterns work together. Pinterest, Etsy, and a slew of wedding and fashion magazines can give you fresh ideas.

Become knowledgeable with color palettes. Creativity is key, but the elements of the ring must complement each other. Distracting styles can detract from a gorgeous engagement ring. Pairing a colorful diamond with the right shade of gold band produces a ring that will be sure to turn heads. 

Learn what messages lay behind common shapes, cuts, and settings. Is your bride more of a traditionalist or a trendsetter? Is she sentimental or superstitious? Are vintage styles appealing, or do chic fusion looks capture her eye? Are there any European influences that speak to her? French? Italian? Irish? You can put together an incredibly rich layout on a custom engagement ring.

Trends to Look For

What’s in and out of fashion changes very quickly. Staying on top of current trends when creating your ring will forever remind its wearer of their experience being engaged. One look can take someone back several years.

2020 has seen many vintage looks resurface with modern twists. Here are some of our favorites paired with one-of-a-kind twists and additions.

1. Hidden Detail—Round Infinity with Inverted Two-Tone

We love rings chock-full of visual interest. Modern designers are adding intricate patterns and filigree to bands more frequently.

A Diamond Mansion favorite, Barry Verragio brings an Italian flair to his designs. Dazzling round-cut side stones sparkle atop the distinctly Italian band. Numerous gems are carefully pave-set throughout the ring, leaving you something new to discover every time you look. Search for all of the symbols Verragio hid across the band.

Inverting the two-tone gold band places an 18K rose gold trim on the outside of the band. The soft palette evokes tender royalty—like a Venetian princess at Carnivale. A white gold interior works perfectly with the sparkling pave. Magical.

2. Emerald Cut Diamonds—Infinity Pave with Emerald-Cut Center Stone

Emerald cut diamonds are making a huge comeback. This sophisticated look highlights the clarity and depth that high-quality natural diamonds possess. Utilizing a step-cut, emerald diamonds feature long straight facets and subtler brilliance.

We subbed out the Asscher cut center stone with an elegant emerald-shaped gem. The infinity design chock-full of tiny pave-set diamonds is sparkly and complex on its own. Adding a simplistic style of diamond balances the entire ring. 

Step-cut emerald shaped diamonds produce an infinite “hall-of-mirrors” effect; two references to infinity in this engagement ring tell your lover that you belong together until the end of time.

3. Solitaire-Set Oval—Split Shank Cathedral Solitaire with Custom Platinum Band

The 60s are coming back!

Oval-cut diamonds were first popular in the 1960s for their large appearance and ability to flatter any finger. They offer the sparkle of a round brilliant-cut diamond at a lower price. Solitaire settings do not feature any side stones or gems in the pave; the center stone is incredibly prominent in this setting. 

To draw attention to this uniquely-shaped natural diamond, we chose platinum for the band. This metal reacts to light differently than gold and updates a classic design. 

This isn’t your standard solitaire either; a split shank design separates the band into two, coming together at the oval stone. Resembling a cathedral ceiling, this unique combination is effective on every level.

4. Minimalist Bezel Setting—Round Cut Bezel with a Natural Black Diamond and 14K Gold

Bezel settings are popular for its blend of style and safety. There is no style of setting more secure than the bezel. Like popular solitaires, bezel engagement rings are all about the center diamond.

Black and gold is a classic pairing, and a natural black diamond is such a statement! Fortified in 14K gold, this uncommon gem pops at several angles. Minimalistic and powerful, this is a match made in heaven.

5. Multi-StoneUnique Canary Halo with Rose Gold Band

Three stone engagement rings are the sweetest, symbolizing a couple’s past, present, and future. The half-moon shapes of this ring’s side stones bring celestial grace. 

Rose gold is so trendy these days! This easy customization would delight any fan of Wes Anderson’s soft color palettes. A nearly two-carat array of gems glimmer and shine off this unique ring.

6.Celtic Influences—Celtic Knot with Heart Shaped Diamond

Celtic Knots aren’t just for the Irish; they bring charm and allure to any style of ring. This traditional symbol originated to ward off evil by strengthening the human bond. It was quickly adopted for married couples for a beautiful display of commitment. 

Why not top this historically-romantic design with a big heart? A three-prong setting typical of heart-shaped stones emphasises the three-point motif from the Celtic Knot throughout this custom ring. This is such an inspired execution of a heart-shaped ring.

Customization at Diamond Mansion

Diamond Mansion remains devoted to making dreams of the perfect ring come true. Our team offers lifetime upgrades and maintenance, fair return policies, and a low-commitment approach to custom designs. A 10% down payment enables a liberating custom design process. 

Many consumers associate “custom” with “no returns.” After all, it may be difficult to resell a ring carefully tailored to match an individual personality. Diamond Mansion’s leadership sought to go above and beyond for custom designs. The 30-day full-refund return policy applies to all Diamond Mansion products, even custom designs. 

If you’re looking for someone to custom design your dream engagement ring or any other jewelry, email us at help@diamondmansion.com, call us at 800-518-0240 or text us at (310) 431-9093‬. One our custom design guides will help you design their unique and personalized piece. For more on our top-rated customer service resources, click here.