6 of our Favorite Emerald Cut Diamonds

Emerald cut diamonds are a great choice for a stone that appears much larger than other gems of an identical carat weight. 

What Are Emerald Cut Diamonds?

This style of shape and cut is one of the oldest. Stonecutters in the 16th century found this technique very good for cutting emeralds with an elongated shape. They began to use the same principles to cut diamonds, greatly reducing the chance of chipping or otherwise damaging the precious gem than with a round cut diamond.

The emerald cut traditionally features a rectangular shape, and its width ratio and parallel cuts produce a captivating hall of mirrors effect. These lines also elongate the finger, elevating the beauty of the ring and its wearer. It is a form of step-cut in the gemstone, marks that typically resemble little staircases. Fewer facets make this option more available and more moderately priced than many alternatives. 

Diamond Mansion selects the highest-quality cut grade stones for emerald cut rings because the style of cut will not hide common blemishes like inclusions, unlike other diamond shapes. Emerald cut diamond engagement rings are often considered to be inspired by art deco. The timeless look continues to stand out: Beyoncé, Amal Clooney, and Angelina Jolie have all recently sported emerald-cut stones in their rings.

Understated, classy, and elegant, here are 6 of our favorite examples of emerald cut rings:

1. 3 Stone Trapz

1.6 Ct. Emerald Cut Natural Diamond 3-Stone With Trapezoid Sidestones Diamond Ring (GIA Certified)

We gush over the thoughtfulness that three-stone settings carry. Telling the story of a relationship, the three stones traditionally represent a couple’s past, present, and future together. The many geometrical shapes in this ring make it one of the best settings for an emerald cut diamond.

Each side stone is step cut, a style with marks that look like little stairs. This style of cut is best for showcasing a gem’s luster, clarity, color. Trapezoid-shapes are incredibly unique in this design, as step cut side stones are typically a rectangular or square shape.

White gold or platinum complement the infinite reflection of this three-stone setting, especially with a high clarity grade. 

2. Forever Halo

1.68 Ct. Emerald Cut Natural Diamond Natural Halo U-Prong Pave Diamond Engagement Ring (GIA Certified)

There is no comparison in pure sparkle to any setting but the halo engagement ring. 

Angelic in name and nature, halo settings can make the center diamond seem larger and more brilliant—perfect for the emerald cut. Brilliance refers to the amount of white light reflected by the facets of a diamond and generally increases the more facets a jeweler adds.

A fairly recent trend, halos—a row of tiny diamonds—wrap around the center gem. Luminous side stones travel all the way down the shank of the ring to a beautiful effect. Is it a coincidence this halo ring comes from the “city of angels”? We think not!

A luxurious U-prong design adds a bit of flair to the infrastructure of this ring setting. Simple and noticeable, this design is as effective as they come.

3. Halo Double Hug

2.1 Ct. Emerald Cut Natural Diamond Double Halo Pave Vintage Curved Shank Diamond Engagement Ring (GIA Certified)

Want double the shine? Try doubling the diamonds!

This absolutely dazzling double halo is fit for royalty. Two rows of round-cut gems add another 1.1 carats to the weight of this ring. Its double halo creates a nice visual contrast in brilliance throughout the ring—truly a different view with every angle.

Arranged in a uniquely curvy split shank band, this piece continues to surprise. Split shank settings actually separate into two “bands” before coming together at the center stone, and reveal a bit of the bride-to-be’s finger. Split shank bands have grown increasingly popular among style leaders.

With its stunning open facets, this fresh take on vintage style produces an interesting piece of wearable art that will never fade as a conversation piece.

4. Split Shank Cathedral Solitaire

Natural Diamond Split Shank Cathedral Solitaire Natural Diamond Engagement Ring (GIA Certified)

Here’s another great example of how creative designers can get with setting split shank rings.

Understated designs emulate a chic confidence that is hard to imitate. When viewed from the side, this ring displays a pattern obviously influenced by European architecture. 

Solitaire settings, like this one, display a 1-carat center diamond as the undisputed star of the show—without any side stones. Four metal prongs securely hold this natural beauty in place, letting in maximum light and showing off as much of its brilliance as possible. Flying buttress-type corners support this understated yet gorgeous solitaire engagement ring.

18K white gold, yellow gold, and rose gold all fit in this design. Diamond Mansion rings are fully customizable, and this stylish piece works well in several iterations.

5. Split Shank Pave

Natural Diamond Split Shank Pave Natural Diamond Engagement Ring (GIA Certified)

It is difficult to resist the allure of a glimmering pavé-set band.

Gracefully arranged in a more traditional split shank, more than half a carat will line your lover’s finger in a lovely fashion. GIA-certified gems can be selected for this ornate design for optimum color grade and higher clarity grade.

Natural yellow and brown diamonds can also be subbed in for standard colorless center stone. Emerald cut diamonds play beautifully with warmer colors, and deviating from clear diamonds is definitely a trend on the rise, according to diamond experts, so look into adding some diamond color to your ring.

6. Marquise and Round Mix

1.7 Ct. Emerald Cut Natural Diamond Scalloped Pave Design Hemera Bridal (GIA Certified)

Marquise cut diamonds are another great blast-from-the-past style to make your ring as unique as the person wearing it.

This football-shaped cut was invented in the 18th century and ordered by King Louis the XV of France. Its shape mimicked his mistress’s lips and has made women feel like royalty ever since. The marquise diamond represents both status and poise.

A mixture of both marquise cut and round brilliant-cut side stones pair with ornate milgrain details for one artful ring. There is just so much to admire about its many patterns and different methods for reflecting light.

Diamond Mansion is committed to offering a comprehensive range of GIA-certified emerald cut rings. Browse our collection for more interesting and unique options.