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4 Tips for Shipping Your Engagement Ring without Ruining the Surprise

Ship Your Engagement Ring without Ruining the Surprise

Nearly all of us have heard stories about engagements gone wrong or nearly wrong. Sometimes the fiance-to-be picks up on strange behavior. Or maybe a close friend who knows about the upcoming engagement accidentally spills the beans.

One of my close friends once told me a story about how he had forgotten about the engagement ring box he had hidden in the trunk of his car. He accidentally opened the trunk with his girlfriend standing next to him and had to craft an on-the-spot lie to avoid spoiling the surprise. Don’t be like him.

At Diamond Mansion, we ship custom engagement rings to customers all over the world, even as far as Australia! A challenge for customers who can’t pick up their ring from our showroom in Los Angeles, CA is keeping secrets from the loved ones they’re trying to surprise!

Even if you don’t live together, hiding your engagement ring shipment from your partner can prove to be a difficult task! Have you worried that receiving your engagement ring shipment might spoil a surprise proposal or gift?

In this post we share five tips for keeping your special delivery a surprise until the big moment.

  1. Ask a trusted friend or family member to receive your engagement ring package on your behalf. If you’re able to pick up your package from a trusted friend or family member who can safely hold your ring for you, consider shipping it to them rather than to your primary residence.*
  2. Ship the package to your work address. Are you always at the office anyway? It might make more sense to have the package shipped to the place where you work, since you’ll most likely be there to sign for it. Even better, you can hide your secret engagement ring in a locked desk drawer until you’re ready to pop the question.*
  3. Don’t stress about the packaging. At Diamond Mansion, we only ship our engagement rings and other jewelry in discreet packaging. Neither our company name nor our address appears on the packaging. You might have to explain to your fiance-to-be why you’re receiving an unmarked package, but you can create a little white lie.
  4. Opt to have your package held at a UPS or FedEx center. If we ship your package to your closest UPS or FedEx center, then you can pick it up at your earliest convenience and find the best hiding spot when you’re fiance to be isn’t around to watch.

What are some ways that you’ve manage to keep your engagement a surprise, or how do you plan to surprise your fiance-to-be?

Design your custom engagement ring with Diamond Mansion today!

*Shipping to an address that’s not your billing address is only possible when you pay with a wire transfer.

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