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Top Rated Valentine’s Day Jewelry for your Significant Other

Valentine’s Day is a special holiday of love and adoration that should never be discounted. 

If you’ve been with your significant other for quite some time, chances are you probably are looking for something special and personalized that says “I love you” in all the right ways. A good way to do that is by getting your partner a romantic gift like jewelry that they will enjoy for years to come. 

You may be wondering where you need to begin shopping for the perfect Valentine’s Day gift, and we have you covered. Continue reading below to find out exactly what it takes to buy your special something they will enjoy this year. 

Although teddy bears, chocolates, and red roses are certainly a way to show your partner that you value and care for them, these common gift ideas are not necessarily what your loved one wants. According to statistics, 57 percent of women say that they don’t just want flowers or chocolate for Valentine’s Day. Instead, they would like jewelry because it shows that their partner cares. Read on for some Valentine’s Day gift ideas that will help you surprise your partner in the best way possible. 

Less Than Six Months

Some experts believe that a piece of jewelry should be purchased at the beginning of a relationship to solidify that the woman means something to the man. If you are reading this worried that you need to head to your nearest jewelry store for the perfect gift to show your current girlfriend that she matters, you don’t necessarily have to empty your wallet. 

You should stay away from rings until you want to get married, and there are affordable options to consider. You don’t have to go with something big either. Simple options like a pendant necklace can be a thoughtful gift that shows you care. It is true what they say, diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but they can be expensive. 

When you think of Valentine’s Day, chances are you associate the holiday with hues of red and pink. Luckily there are many jewelers out there that specialize in this kind of jewelry. 

There are plenty of pink sapphires and rubies, which are generally less expensive in comparison with diamonds. If you are going into a store with the color “red” or “pink” in mind, be sure to ask your nearest sales associate for help, so they can get you to the right options for a unique gift. Usually, sales associates not only know what to talk about but they keep in mind their customer’s budget and needs as well. Just make sure that you don’t wait too long because a last-minute gift is going to be much harder to pull off! 

If this is your first Valentine’s Day with your significant other, you should go for options that are small and trendy. Earrings are a great example of a trendy gift. Be sure to make sure your significant other has their ears pierced; otherwise, you may purchase something that they cannot even use. 

Earrings are inexpensive and look great on any woman. They can come in a variety of sizes that don’t necessarily have to include diamonds or expensive gems. Experts say that it is best to keep the design of your earrings simple as a way not to overspend or portray yourself in an off-putting way. When you are dating someone for six months or less, this can show that it is the thought that counts. 

If you’re not looking to gift jewelry this Valentine’s, consider a photo frame, or a personalized keychain, coffee mug, tumbler, or wine glass to show that you care about them and considered what they like when choosing this gift. 

One Year

Contrary to keeping things simple, after six months, you are going to have to up the ante if you and your partner have been together for a year or more. 

But experts say that you should still keep your purchase somewhat simple. For example, personalized gifts with their birthstone can be a great gift for a sweet keepsake. With these two options, you aren’t going to break the bank but show your partner that they are the ones for you. 

At this point, many couples start gifting lingerie, as well, because they’ve been together for a long time and may need something to spice up date night. However, make sure that this is something your partner also wants! 

Always make sure to include a Valentine’s Day card with a handwritten message, so they know you were thinking of them. 

Three Years

Being with someone for over three years is different. You should pull out all the stops to show your significant other that they mean the world to you. Experts say that this could solidify that the “third time’s a charm” and that it should be represented in a big way as opposed to previous years. 

You may want to consider getting a charm necklace and then getting them extra charms for years to come. Having a charm bracelet could not only show love but provide a commitment to complete the bracelet each year with new charms. Another idea would be to get some playful bangles because they look great and could be worn for years to come. When your significant other opens that gift box, you want them to be surprised and excited, so make sure that you put some real thought into this. 

If you live together, you might consider gifting your significant other high-quality sheets. While this doesn’t seem like the most exciting option, the feeling of a brand new, soft pillowcase is something that everyone should experience once in their life. To continue with the theme of home comfort, essential oils can be a great gift as well, as they’re used for aromatherapy and to promote health and happiness. 

Five Years

If you’ve been dating for over five years, it is time to start taking things seriously, and the jewelry has to matter. Making it five years with your partner means that you should start thinking about getting an engagement ring

Experts think that half a decade is the perfect time to know that your partner is the one for you for the rest of your lives. A great way option to consider when shopping for the perfect engagement ring is possibly customizing the ring. 

You can surprise your significant other by snooping through their jewelry and understanding just exactly what they like. Then, you can talk with a jeweler and come up with ideas on the perfect ring. Usually, jewelers will sketch out an idea based on what the client tells them. After the sketch has been approved, they will send the ring off to get made. The process usually takes up to a month, so you are going to want to start shopping early. 

To go with the ring, you could get your partner a gift card to one of your favorite restaurants, and set a date for the two of you to go. This might be the perfect time to pop the question! Who knows, maybe next year you’ll be trying to think of a Valentine’s anniversary gift.

Ten Years

Spending a decade with someone means that you have overcome your fair share of obstacles and therefore deserve something special. Many believe that this is for you to go big or go home when it comes to getting your special someone something special. You may want to consider getting a quality piece and spending a little money.

A great example of a gift you should get after ten years of being with your significant other is a diamond choker. Diamond chokers certainly aren’t cheap; they range from being the value of five or six figures. If you have the funds to do so, you should splurge on your partner, so she knows that you care. The reaction will be worth it, and you will show her that she is priceless. 

In Summary

While shopping for Valentine’s Day can present a challenge, but ultimately, it’s the thought that counts and the best Valentine’s Day gifts are the ones that come from the heart. Do not discount that at the end of the day, you are together because you love each other. Love is a wonderful experience that is more valuable than jewels or money, so remember that this Vday.