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What Does a Pear Shaped Diamond Mean?

Delving into the world of diamond cuts and shapes can be a confusing business, full of complicated terms and phrases that sound like they’re meant for experts only. Thankfully when it comes to pear-shaped diamonds, the name (and shape) are both pretty straightforward. What might be less clear are the deeper meanings in choosing this cut for your proposal.

Whether you’re considering purchasing a pear-shaped diamond engagement ring for your partner, or just investigating the symbolism in this particular cut of gem, we have the answers you’re looking for.

What we mean by a “pear-shaped” diamond

A pear-shaped diamond refers to a cut that’s halfway between the classic round brilliant and opulent marquise cut, resembling a teardrop or, as the name suggests, a pear. This cut has 58 facets, making it “brilliant” – this is considered the ideal number of facets to get the most sparkle from your diamond. 

One of the great things about pear-shaped diamonds is that while they have the same number of facets as round brilliant (the most popular cut of diamond), because of the way the stone is cut and the larger surface area across the top, they can seem bigger by comparison. And, due to the fact that they’re less popular than the round brilliant, they’re usually more affordable, making a pear a fruitful choice.

What symbolism does a pear-shaped diamond have?

In addition to being beautiful and bright, because of its uniqueness the pear-shaped cut is associated with individuality and strong-mindedness. The tear-drop aspect of the shape is also said to express tears of joy – perfect for a proposal. 

This shape of diamond has adorned many famous fingers over the years, from Elizabeth Taylor to Ariana Grande, and the earliest records of this cut date back to the 15th century. It’s a shape that has stood the test of time, and the combination of a soft curve and sharp point show the meeting of two moods – classic romance, combined with modern confidence. 

How does that reflect on the wearer?

Your partner may appreciate this cut of diamond if they’re a person who likes things a little offbeat, but not so unconventional that it clouds their sense of style. A pear cut isn’t so unusual that it’s going to divide opinions, but it is interesting enough to stand out in a line-up. Does this sound like your intended? If so, it could be a perfect match. 

As previously mentioned, a pear-shaped diamond has eye-catching dimensions by design, so it’s not surprising that it’s a cut loved by celebrities. Even if the wearer isn’t concerned by the deeper aspects of a pear-shaped engagement ring’s meaning, they will definitely want it to be seen. With this in mind, there are a few things to look for when shopping for this particular style of diamond.

What to look for in a pear-shaped diamond ring

One of the potential downsides to a pear-cut diamond is that they’re prone to inconsistencies, and this is something to look out for when shopping for your engagement ring.

Symmetry is not guaranteed, and any unevenness will be more obvious in this shape than it would in a more common cut. The fragile pointed tip is also a weakness, and while a bezel setting is more protective than prongs, it would also highlight any asymmetry. If you do opt for prongs make sure there are a minimum of three – though six is considered the perfect number and the most secure.

Additionally, this cut is prone to “bow tie” shadows in its center – in a well-cut pear-shaped diamond this dark area will be minimal, and not detract from the overall fire of the stone. This isn’t a fault in the diamond, just something to be mindful of.

However, even with these traits, a pear-shaped diamond is versatile, and looks good in a variety of settings. It will also elongate the wearer’s finger if it’s worn with the tip pointing away from them. Because of the surface area of this cut, they show a lot of color in comparison to other diamonds, which means they look great with any kind of mental band.

If you want to brush up on your diamond knowledge even further before you buy, we’ve got a guide that’s guaranteed to leave you feeling like an expert.

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