Don't Like Your Engagement Ring? 5 Ways Diamond Mansion Can Help

Don’t Like Your Engagement Ring? 5 Ways Diamond Mansion Can Help

When You Don't Like Your Engagement Ring

A newly-engaged woman recently asked Reddit, “What if you don’t like your ring?”

She admits, “I know this post sounds whiney and terrible. And I feel whiney and terrible. I just really, really don’t like my ring.”

She describes her ring as made of platinum, which she doesn’t like as much as yellow or rose gold. She also changed her mind about wanting a cubic zirconia stone. Originally she had wanted a CZ but now wishes she had asked her fiance for a colored gemstone instead. As a result, she’s not sure what to do.

These days, many couples opt to shop for an engagement ring together, to ensure they’re buying something they’ll love for many years to come. But mistakes and changes-of-mind happen.

So what can you do if you love your fiance, but you don’t love your ring (that obviously wasn’t purchased from Diamond Mansion)? You have a few options.

1. Diamond Mansion can help you design your dream engagement ring. Shopping at some jewelry stores can be difficult because they might not have a large inventory. Depending on where you live, your access to stylish and beautiful engagement rings may be limited. When you shop online with Diamond Mansion, the sky’s the limit! You can choose your favorite from any of our design suggestions, modify them to your liking, or create a custom design from your imagination!

2. Diamond Mansion can reuse your existing setting and help you choose a new center stone. Maybe you really like your current setting, but you don’t love your center stone. Perhaps your fiance got you a cubic zirconia or a low-quality diamond due to budget concerns, but now you can afford a better quality stone! We can help you choose a natural, GIA-certified diamond that fits your existing setting and makes you smile.

3. Diamond Mansion can reuse your existing center stone and help you choose a new setting. If you love your diamond but don’t like the style of your setting, you’re in luck! We can custom make the setting of your dreams to fit your existing stone.

4. Diamond Mansion can reuse the gold or platinum from your current settings and melt it down for your new setting. Maybe you don’t like your setting at all and want to start from scratch, but you want to recoup some of the money spent on it (jewelers often won’t buy back settings except for gold). If you’re setting is made from a precious metal that you’d like in your new setting, we can melt down the original setting and use the metal in the new setting.

5. Diamond Mansion can possibly trade in your original diamond. This will depend on the quality of your original stone. Typically we accept GIA-certified stones. Regardless, we can help you find the best solution for your unique situation.

If you’re STILL not happy with your ring, don’t worry! We can start the custom design process for only a 10% deposit and then refund your deposit if you don’t like the result. We also have a 45-day money-back guarantee. To view all the options available to you, browse Diamond Mansion’s complete section of custom engagement rings.

Are there aspects of your engagement ring that you would change or do differently if you had the chance to repurchase it? Share in the comments below.

Featured photo by Steven Coutts