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What Is a Halo Ring?

Halo Diamond Engagement Rings

With added sparkle and a retro and contemporary appearance, a halo ring provides all the brilliance of a high-end engagement ring while being kinder to your budget.

Halo rings were first popularized in the 1920s and ’30s, and feature a central stone surrounded by a ring – or halo – of smaller pavé-set diamonds (or occasionally other gemstones). The purpose is to draw attention to the central piece, highlighting it and helping it look bigger than it actually is.

A halo ring is a classic design, with an appearance that denotes glamor while actually being more budget-friendly than some other designs.

Why are halo rings so popular?

Halo rings amplify the beauty of a diamond by helping it stand out. A halo ring exists to complement a central stone and enhance it while adding additional sparkle and fire. 

Because a halo ring will typically surround a single modestly-sized central diamond, they’re popular with buyers who are conscious of budget, because they’re more affordable than other ring designs while not compromising on extravagance.

Halo rings remain popular because they’re unique and don’t have the stereotypical appearance of other engagement rings. They’re the perfect choice for those who love the sparkling side of jewelry, with calls back to the glitz and glamor of the roaring ’20s. Some halo designs also have pavé diamonds on the band for even more sparkle.

Modern halo rings are still reminiscent of those early designs, but cater to more modern tastes.

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What are the pros and cons of a halo ring?

There are plenty of pros that make considering a halo ring worth it – as well as a couple of cons that are also important to consider.

The pros of halo rings:

  • The halo will enhance the size of the central stone, meaning even smaller stones will look huge and far more impressive
  • By having a halo of colored gemstones around a diamond, or a halo of diamonds around a colored gemstone, it creates a contrast that allows the stones to compliment one another
  • Many smaller diamonds will add carat weight, yet aren’t as expensive as one larger diamond of equal weight
  • Halo rings are full of character, and can have unique and distinct appearances
  • A halo can work as a shield around the central stone and protect it from accidental damage
  • Halos aren’t limited by the shape of the central stone and can be crafted around most shapes
  • What’s more glamorous than one diamond? Lots of diamonds! 

The cons of halo rings:

  • While halo rings are popular now, it’s impossible to say whether they’ll still be as fashionable in the next decade – however, they’re unlikely to lose much of their value
  • With so many smaller stones in a halo ring, it naturally increases the chances that you may lose one – but with proper care, you can help prevent that
  • Halo rings are seen as being distinctly feminine, which means if you’re looking to give one to your male partner then you might feel limited as far as designs go
  • Due to their design, It can be difficult to upgrade the center stone size of a halo engagement ring in the future. If the stone you are upgrading to is 10% or more larger in measurements, then you probably need to buy a new setting as well.

Are halo rings timeless?

As with most fashion trends, the popularity of halo rings rises and falls. While they’re in style now, another design will undoubtedly overtake it in popularity at some point. But, that’s not to say that halo rings will become unfashionable. After all, they’ve been around since the early 20th century, so it’s safe to assume that they’ll always remain desirable.

Thanks to their unique contemporary design and striking appearance, halo rings don’t feel dated or unfashionable. And for that reason, halo rings are as timeless as they are striking and beautiful.

Types of halo ring setting

Halo rings can be much more than just a single ring of stones surrounding a center diamond. Other halo settings include:

  • Singe Halo
  • Double halo
  • Hidden halo
  • Triple halo
  • Star halo
  • Pear halo
  • Gemstone halo
  • Octagon
  • Hexagon
  • Floral
  • Floating halo

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What is a double halo ring?

Double Halo Diamond Engagement Ring

A double halo, as the name implies, is when the center stone is surrounded by two rings of smaller stones. A double halo increases the value of the ring and of course, delivers more sparkle. However, there is a risk of the center stone becoming lost, and the overall size of the ring being too large for smaller hands.

This also applies to triple halo rings, which can appear big on even the largest hands. However, with their increased sparkle they may be exactly what you’re looking for.

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What is a hidden halo ring?

Hidden Halo Engagment Ring

A hidden halo ring is a setting where the ring of smaller stones sits below the center stone. When looking at the center stone from above, the halo is blocked from view, hence the name. However, when viewed from the side, the halo is clearly visible.

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Best diamond shape for a halo engagement ring?

Almost all diamond shapes/cuts look good in a halo engagement ring setting. Take a look for yourself.

Round Cut Halo Engagement Ring

Round Cut Halo Engagement Ring

Cushion Cut Halo Engagement Ring

Cushion Halo Engagement Ring

Oval Cut Halo Engagement Ring

Oval Halo Engagement Ring

Radiant Cut Halo Engagement Ring

Radiant Cut Halo Engagement Ring

Emerald Cut Halo Engagement Ring

Emerald Cut Halo Engagement Ring

Pear Cut Halo Engagement Ring

Pear Cut Halo Diamond Engagement Ring

Princess Cut Halo Engagement Ring

Princess Cut Halo Engagement Ring | Diamond

Heart Shape Halo Engagement Ring

Heart Shape Halo Engagement Ring

Marquise Cut Halo Engagement Ring

Marquise Halo Engagement ring

Asscher Cut Halo Engagement Ring

Asscher Cut Halo Engagement ring

What is the best metal for a halo ring?

Halo rings work with any choice of metal, whether it be yellow gold, white gold, platinum, or rose gold. However, it’s more common to see halo rings paired with white gold or platinum, as the pavé diamonds, named after the paving effect they have when set, have more sparkle when it’s white on white.

That being said, there’s nothing wrong with a yellow or rose gold halo ring. Each unique design brings its own qualities, and it’s down to personal choice.

Looking for the perfect halo ring?

Halo rings provide the perfect balance of fire, sparkle, and affordability. The center stone may not be as big as on other designs, but the halo accentuates it and helps the diamond appear bigger and stand out more – great for those conscious of budget but not wanting to compromise on beauty. 
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