What is a Solitaire Engagement Ring?

Ready to pop that question? The first step is choosing the perfect engagement ring to dazzle your partner as you step into your next chapter together. 

When looking at engagement rings, you may have come across the term solitaire engagement ring. But what is a solitaire engagement ring? and how does it compare to other types? Our guide covers what solitaire engagement rings are, and how they differ from other types of styles, so you can choose an engagement ring that is the perfect fit for your spouse-to-be. 

With several varieties of design to choose from, solitaire engagement rings remain a classic and timeless choice for an engagement ring. 

A solitaire engagement ring features just one diamond, with no other gemstones to distract from the main event. This style places emphasis on the diamond itself, making it the centerpiece of the ring. The term solitaire comes from the word “solus” which is Latin for alone or sole. But while they only feature a single diamond, this doesn’t mean the solitaire is limited to a purely minimalist look. You can choose a band that is tailored to your partner’s tastes, from simple to intricate designs, to match their personal style. 

Nonetheless, a solitaire ring is a perfect choice for an engagement ring to represent the love you both share.

Is a solitaire diamond a real diamond?

The term solitaire refers to the setting, and “diamond” refers to the glistening stone itself. 

A solitaire diamond, therefore, refers to a single diamond, of any cut, which can feature on any type of jewelry from rings to necklaces. Solitaire diamonds have stood the test of time – remaining a popular choice for engagement rings. Its simplicity draws attention to the diamond itself, rather than having smaller gemstones surrounding it. 

Due to its minimalistic design, solitaire diamond rings can complement other rings with ease, so your partner won’t need to worry about other jewelry clashing with their new diamond. Its simplicity means you won’t struggle to choose the perfect wedding ring to accompany it. 

Which one of these solitaires appeals to you?

Are you considering a solitaire ring to pop the question? Here at Diamond Mansion, we offer a range of stunning solitaire designs that are perfect for an engagement ring. Our diamonds are high-quality and luxurious at an honorable price, all while keeping things natural and ethically sourced.

Here are just some of our favorite solitaire rings to surprise your partner and symbolize the journey you’ll embark on together.

CLASSIC SOLITAIRE 3 Ct. Pear Cut Natural Diamond

Your proposal will feel like a fairytale with our classic and timeless solitaire diamond engagement ring with a pear cut. If your partner loves dainty and traditional jewelry, this ring is an excellent choice. It features a delicate pear cut center stone – also known as a teardrop, on an eye-catching solitaire setting. You can even customize the ring such as selecting the metal of the band, from white gold to rose gold, to accommodate your partner’s tastes. 

CLASSIC SOLITAIRE 3 Ct. Cushion Cut Natural Diamond 

If your partner prefers simplistic and timeless jewelry, the classic solitaire with cushion cut will be sure to take their breath away. The cushion cut diamond combines a square cut with rounded corners and has been around for almost 200 years – a great choice if you want to stand out from the crowd. This design is the epitome of an engagement ring – timeless and elegant which will complement their future wedding band with ease. 

MARGARET’S SOLITAIRE 3 Ct. Round Cut Natural Diamond 6 Prong

When it comes to an engagement ring, you’ll want a ring that your partner marvels at every day – which makes this simple 6 prong solitaire diamond engagement ring the ideal choice. This classic design will make your proposal unforgettable, with an exquisite round cut center stone, secured with six prongs. This solitaire diamond ring will be a gift that your partner will love forever.

Giving the solitaire that extra sparkle​​

Perhaps a solitaire diamond ring doesn’t feel enough to express how you truly feel about your partner. If you’re after an engagement ring with an extra wow factor, a halo ring could be exactly what you’re looking for. In fact, the halo ring evolved from the traditional solitaire to add an extra touch of sparkle, with smaller gemstones across the band. They are the absolute choice for those who love the pizzazz, with the glitz and glamor of the roaring twenties. 

CROWNED EMILY 4 Ct. Pear Cut Natural Diamond

Our Crowned Emily pear cut diamond ring is intricate and glamorous – fit for those who are drawn to the details and the sparkle. It features a double halo with pave diamonds around the band, which accentuate the center gemstone. If you’re after an engagement ring that leaves your partner in awe and one that captures your everlasting commitment, this is the ring.

DIAMONDS UNDER THE BRIDGE 3.8 Ct. Pear Cut Natural Diamond

Our 3.8 carat pear cut halo diamond ring features a marvelous center stone on a halo setting, with additional stunning diamonds under the bridge and on the four bars. This design gives the wearer extra elegance and glamor, leaving your partner admiring the ring for eternity. 

PEAR HALO SPLIT 3.76 Ct. Pear Cut Natural Diamond

Nothing says glamor like our pear halo split diamond ring. This ring sports a pear cut center stone that’s enclosed by a gorgeous halo, and is finished on a beautiful split shank setting – a band that splits into two. If you want some extra oomph, this ring will satisfy your desires!

THE SPLIT HALO 1.7 Ct. Pear Cut Natural Diamond

If you’re looking for a ring to represent the love you share, our luxurious halo split shank pave engagement ring may be the right choice for you. This ring features an elegant pear cut center diamond surrounded by luminous round halo stones that travel down the split shank. If your partner favors the finer things in life, they are sure to be wowed by this stunning diamond ring.

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