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7 Yellow Diamond Engagement Rings We Love

For many years, traditional engagement rings consisted of a colorless diamond set on a gold band. Luckily for us, times have changed! Today, there are vibrant hues of many colors everywhere, especially in engagement rings. One of the hottest rings right now is the yellow diamond engagement ring, and Diamond Mansion can help you find the perfect one.

 Who wears a yellow diamond? Let’s see if any of these names stand out to you:

  • Jennifer Lopez
  • Carrie Underwood
  • Heidi Klum
  • Rebecca Romijn
  • Hillary Clinton
  • Marilyn Monroe
  • Lady Gaga
  • Audrey Hepburn

Why Is The Diamond Yellow?

Yellow Diamond Color Chart

The Gemological Institute of America (GIA) explains that a diamond seems to be yellow because of the nitrogen present in the stone, and the vibrancy of the color depends on how much nitrogen there is. For example, clear diamonds have very little nitrogen, leading to their colorless finish. 

The presence of nitrogen certainly hasn’t affected the value of these diamonds. In fact, it is the opposite! Yellow diamonds have sold for millions of dollars as diamond savants are entranced by their beauty. 

Buying A Yellow Diamond

When buying any gem, it is best to speak with a professional and respected jeweler. They will give you reliable information on each diamond. However, if you know what you’re looking for ahead of time, that can only serve you in finding the perfect diamond for the one you love. Diamond Mansion’s experience and trustworthy jewelers would love to help you find a yellow diamond engagement ring that makes both your heart flutter and your budget approve.


All diamonds are measured on a scale to help determine their worth. Colorless diamonds are in the range of colorless to light yellow in hue and are measured on the D-to-Z color grading scale. Once a diamond moves past light yellow into the yellow range, it is graded on the GIA Colored Diamond Grading System in the following order: Fancy Light Yellow, Fancy Yellow, Fancy Intense Yellow, and Fancy Vivid. 

When looking to buy a yellow diamond, the International Gem Society (IGS) advises buyers that clear diamonds are valued based on their cut, while the value of fancy colored diamonds is due to their color, which is graded on tone, hue, and saturation. 

Secondary hues in your yellow diamond may decrease its value, such as green or orange. Make sure the saturation is high; otherwise, it will appear brown or gray. The IGS also mentions that a tone of around 20% is best for yellow diamonds, as it will create a bright and saturated gem.


To get the most out of a colored diamond, IGS recommends that radiant cuts work best to make the color seem more intense in lighter colored diamonds and emphasize the color in stones that are already very saturated. 


As with any diamond, grades VVS, IF, or F will hold a higher value than those with minor imperfections (S) according to the IGS. The more transparent, the better.


Like most diamonds, yellow diamond pricing is impacted by its weight. Diamonds that are .99 ct are much less than those just above at 1.00 ct of equal quality. It is harder to find a very large colored diamond, which also increases its price. 


Choosing the metal that goes with your yellow diamond is important. Yellow gold may help create a more rich yellow tone overall while using white gold or platinum will lighten the color, but also help the yellow diamond “pop” in contrast. IGS recommends that those who love white gold rings but may not be able to afford the more expensive, darker stones set the stone itself in yellow gold with a white gold ring. 

Rings We Love

Choosing an engagement ring is one of the biggest decisions of your life and one of your biggest investments. To help you in that decision, we can show you some of our rings at Diamond Mansion that we absolutely love:

  1. 2 Ct. Cushion-Cut Canary Yellow Diamond Baguettes and Trillion Side Stones Natural Diamonds Ring (GIA Certified)

This romantic engagement ring would be perfect for a no-nonsense yet elegant woman. The striking yellow of the center stone is perfectly complemented by the clear baguette cut sidestones, creating a stunning, sparking frame for your canary yellow stone. If you want both a pop of color and a touch of European flair in your ring, this is the perfect choice. 

  1. 1.27 Ct. Cushion-Cut Canary Yellow Diamond Parade Design Hemera Bridal Twisted Halo Split Shank Pave Ring (GIA Certified)

This band of this ring twines and criss crosses as it wraps around the finger, making it just as much a focal point as the gorgeous yellow stone that makes up the centerpiece of the design. Not only that, but it uses two-toned metal for a stunning mix of rose gold and white gold or yellow gold, making it as unique as your fiance. The contrast between the metal that makes up the band and the metal that makes up the actual setting surrounding the stone serves to highlight the brilliant golden quality of the centerpiece diamond. 

  1. 1.68 Ct. Cushion-Cut Canary Yellow Diamond Natural Halo U-Prong Pave Diamond Engagement Ring (GIA Certified). 

What a show stopper! The girl who wears this ring will be the envy of all her friends. The forever halo of diamonds surrounding the colorful stone only enhances its beauty. The pave diamonds that complement the brilliance of your yellow diamond in this ring serve as a beautiful point of contrast, making the stone stand out even more and adding an extra touch of sparkle. 

Yellow Diamond Engagement Rings
  1. 3.25 Ct. Elongated Radiant Cut Canary Fancy Light Yellow Diamond Ring VS2 GIA Certified

This prong pave takes a traditional setting and steps it up a notch with this beautiful yellow diamond and accent diamonds along the band. The massive diamond is set in two-tone metal of your choice, and the radiant cut ensures that the diamond is especially brilliant, due to the number of cuts on its crown and pavilion. Small, round cut diamonds line the sides of the shaft, adding extra glimmer to this striking design.

5. 1.9 Ct. Cushion-Cut Canary Yellow Diamond Split Shank Pave Natural Diamonds Engagement Ring (GIA Certified). 

Look at the artistry and intricacy of this yellow diamond engagement ring. This impressive ring will leave her speechless (after she says yes, of course). This engagement ring features an extremely unique band that sets off the glorious yellow diamond that makes up the centerpiece. The horseshoe curve is set with small round colorless diamonds to add a touch more glamour to the overall design. 

6. 2.1 Ct. Cushion-Cut Canary Yellow Diamond Double Halo Pave Vintage Curved Shank Diamond Engagement Ring (GIA Certified). 

For the girl who loves thinks bigger is better, this halo double hug ring will not disappoint! The double halo design adds extra glitz and glam to an already sparkling ring, and the uniquely curved shank is sure to stand out from the crowd. This ring even features some subtle diamonds underneath the center stone for a special surprise that’s all your own. 

7.  1 Ct. Radiant Cut Canary Yellow Diamond Infinity Pave Insignia Verragio Vintage Natural Diamond Wedding Set (GIA Certified). 

This radiant cut yellow diamond will help to enhance the sparkle and shine of this already amazing ring. This elegance is fit for a queen. The diamond encrusted twists that make up the side of the shaft add an extra intricate touch, and the colorless diamonds surrounding the main yellow diamond set it off to perfection. This regal ring was made for a princess, so get it for your princess today. 

All That is Left

Now that you have picked out your yellow diamond engagement ring from Diamond Mansion, all that is left to do is propose. How exciting! Whether you are hiking alone in the woods, cheering at a sports game, or sipping champagne at home, this will be a night to remember. Speak from the heart. Don’t worry if you get choked up or emotional— she will love it. Just remember, she loves you for you, and that is what matters.


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