About Us  

Diamond Mansion was founded with one magnified purpose:

To offer designer & high quality diamond jewelry at a revolutionary price while leading the way for a world class customer experience.


From the beginning, we decided that on our path to fulfilling our purpose, we will commit to manifest a lot of GOOD on the way.

The problem we realized and emphasize with many young couple, is that designer & high quality diamond jewelry and engagement rings are expensive.

It takes an average guy, who is anxious to pop-the-question and move to the next chapter of his life, three months to learn about diamonds, rings, metals. Why is it so hard? Why are diamonds so complex? Why are there so many crooks in the industry? Why do you have to be a millionaire to propose with a ring that it as beautiful as a Tiffany, Cartier or a Harry Winston Ring?

It turns out that the whole diamond industry is controlled by a couple companies that have been able to keep prices high. After a diamond is cut and polished, it goes through 4-5 middle man, who each markup the prices by 10x-20x, until it reaches the consumer.


We started DIAMOND MANSION to offer an alternative.


By getting around traditional channels, engaging with consumers directly, designing & crafting fine jewelry in house, we are able to provide high-quality, luxurious fine diamond jewelry at a fraction of the retail price. And still keep it all natural and ethically sourced.

Just like you, we believe buying a diamond should be easy & fun. It should leave you smiling and make you shine bright like a diamond, with your hard-earned money in your pocket and not on your finger.

We also believe that everyone has the right to get married and move to the next chapter of their life when they find their soulmate.

There are hundreds of thousands of couples, from all over the world, who are in love; yet don't have the money to take their union to the next level. They have made the decision to get married and build a happy family, yet not been able to get married due to unfortunate financial circumstances. Some don't even have enough money to purchase a plain wedding band. The hardship of such couples resonates with our team at DIAMOND MANSION. To address this problem, we have partnered with Non Profits such as JUST 5 organization to ensure that with each diamond engagement sold, we help one of such couples move forward in their beautiful milestone.