Understanding Diamond Prices for Custom Engagement Rings

Comparing Diamond Prices

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So you’re interested in purchasing a custom diamond engagement ring, but you’re starting to realize that creating a unique ring means you’ll need to choose the diamond and setting separately. Don’t worry: Diamond Mansion can advise you with that decision!

With customization, you can select your favorite diamond, but you need to know at least some information about the diamond you want. Getting a pre-made price for a pre-made ring might seem like less hassle, but choosing a stone and setting separately will give you the best value.

We’d like to tell you about how to understand diamond pricing, which many customers find confusing.

At a grocery store, price usually increases in proportion to amount. For example, buying two pounds of apples costs twice the price of buying one pound of apples.

But in the diamond industry, price does not necessarily increase in proportion to amount. For example, a one-carat diamond is not simply twice the price of a half-carat diamond.

Okay, then, how are diamond prices set?

The diamond industry uses a term called “price per carat.” Price per carat shifts at preset weight increments. For example, one price per carat exists for stones between .5 carats and .99 carats. A one carat stone falls in a new weight category.

To complicate matters, the same price per carat doesn’t apply to every one-carat stone. Price is segmented even further based on stone quality. A one-carat near colorless diamond that’s slightly included will cost less per carat than a one-carat colorless stone that’s very slightly included.

Pro tip: If you’re a savvy shopper who isn’t superstitious about numbers or doesn’t care about purchasing a full carat, try to find a .97 carat diamond or something that weighs as close to a carat as possible. That way, you’ll snag the per-carat price that’s significantly less than the price for the same quality stone at a full carat weight.

How much does it matter to you to be able to say you’ve purchased a one-carat or two-carat diamond? Would you sacrifice a fraction of the weight to save money?

What to Consider When Creating a Custom Engagement Ring

Design Your Engagement Ring

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Convinced that only wealthy celebrities can afford custom engagement rings? Or that the only couples who design their own engagement rings are those with unique interests (think: Stars Wars and Lord of the Rings-themed engagement rings)?

Maybe you’ve been shopping for pre-made rings but haven’t found exactly the one you want. At Diamond Mansion, we invite all customers to design their own engagement rings because an engagement ring should be as unique as the woman wearing it. When you select the exact elements you’d like to include in your ring, your adding your personality to the finished product.

When you begin the customization process, we’ll work with you every step of the way so that your ring exceeds your expectations. Here are some things to consider when designing your own engagement ring:

Before beginning the process, gather ideas of what you like. Flip through wedding magazines or browse Pinterest. Then, note the styles that catch your eye. Pay attention to trends but be aware that some style that are popular now might not remain popular in five years.

Once you choose your style, you’ll have to select your color palette. We offer diamonds in white, yellow, and black. You can also set your diamond in yellow, white, or rose gold.

Do you know her favorite diamond shape? Oval and round are more traditional, while square cut diamonds are more modern. Other shapes include pear, heart, and marquise. We can help you choose a diamond shape to match your overall vision and flatter her hand.

Once you’ve selected your diamond and described to us what you want, we do all the difficult work! When the ring is complete and to your specifications, we can customize it even further by adding an engraving.

Are you surprised by how easy the ring customization process can be?


Oval Cut Engagement Rings for the Vintage Lover

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Oval cut engagement rings have an element of elegance to them. These rings are sure to delight the vintage lover because they have an air of days gone by without looking outdated. The oval stone plays very well with others. Check out some of our beautiful oval cut engagement rings with a vintage flair.

4MM Tension Setting Design Solitaire Natural Diamonds Engagement Ring

The simplicity of this setting really lets the diamond shine without being boring. We love the sleekness of this ring. The natural diamond looks great with the yellow gold band, don’t you think?

4MM Tension Setting Design Solitaire Natural


Halo U-Prong Pave Natural Diamonds Engagement Ring

This sparkler is ideal for the bride who is nostalgic for the past but loves modern glitz and glamour. The center oval diamond is adorned with small diamonds that echo the 1920s.

Halo U-Prong Pave Natural Diamond Engagement Ring

Solitaire Heart Scroll Diamond Engagement Ring

How beautiful is this ring? This oval cut engagement ring is the perfect example of marrying vintage with modern elements for a truly unique engagement ring. We like the natural diamond with the white gold band, but we think any combination would look fabulous!

Natural Diamond Oval Cut Soliatire Heart Scroll Diamond Engagement Ring

Natural Pave Infinity Design Diamond Engagement Ring

The oval stone shines among the dozens of delicate stones on the intricate band. This is a timeless design that will still shine with sophistication for many years to come.

Natural Pave Infinity Diamond Engagement Ring

Parade Design Hera Bridal Scroll Halo Milgrain Etched Weave Design

The rose gold band is a beautiful compliment to the dramatic oval cut diamond here. The diamonds in the band give this an added layer of elegance.

Natural Diamond Oval Cut Parade Design Hera Bridal Scroll

Natural Baguette Side Stones Diamond Engagement Ring

The unusual details and angles in this ring make it a vintage lover’s dream. The gold band and natural diamonds are the perfect pair. You won’t have to worry about having the same ring as everyone else with this style.

Natural Baguette Side Stones Diamond Engagement Ring

Be sure to browse our whole collection of oval cut engagement rings. We’d love to work with you to help you find the oval cut engagement ring of your dreams. Send us an email at [email protected] or give us a call at 800-518-0240. We ship globally!


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The cushion cut diamond lends itself to a variety of ring styles, whether you’ve chosen a simple or intricate band. Cushion cut stones also look beautiful alone or with diamond detailing around the stone. Whether you’re looking for something vintage or modern, trendy or classic, cushion cut engagement rings will suit every style.

Vintage – Our vintage cushion cut engagement rings are reminiscent of old-world glamour without looking outdated. These vintage looks have stood the test of time and are simply stunning on the bride who treasures the past. Because we have a variety of band colors and setting styles available, you’re able to give a nod to the past without sacrificing any personal preferences.

Classic – The classic cushion cut engagement rings in our collection have a simple elegance to them. Despite their simplicity, they’re anything but boring. These diamonds dazzle on everything from simple, thin bands to elaborate, thick bands. You can’t go wrong with one of these timeless looks.

Trendy – These trendy rings feature interesting and unusual details. The diamonds look stunning against the intricate bands. Consider incorporating two different color diamonds for a look that is so now. May we also suggest combining two setting styles? The result is a truly one-of-a-kind ring that reflects your personal style.

Modern – The details on our modern cushion cut engagement rings elevate classic styles to reflect the taste of today’s bride. Our modern collection contains a variety of fantastic choices. You can create a modern masterpiece from our selection of settings.

Celebrity – The cushion cut engagement rings in our celebrity collection look like they belong on the finger of someone famous. These rings feature stunning stones with beautiful diamond detailing on the bands and around the stone. Your loved ones will think they had a celebrity sighting when you show off your stunning sparkler.

Call us at 1-800-518-0240 or email us at [email protected] for the cushion cut engagement ring of your dreams. We create high quality engagement rings in Los Angeles and ship them globally.

5 Amazing Rose Gold Diamond Engagement Rings

Unique Rose Gold Engagement Ring

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While shopping for engagement rings, you’ve probably seen most styles set in yellow and white gold. Yellow gold is timeless, while white gold highlights the whiteness of colorless diamonds. But did you know there’s another option?

Rose gold or “pink gold” is a copper-colored gold. What give rose gold its pink color? The gold is mixed with – you guessed it – copper.

Are you wondering whether rose gold is less pure than other colors of gold?

Gold’s purity is determined in karats, and 14K rose gold has the same amount of gold as 14K yellow gold. In both cases, the gold is mixed with other metal alloys to make the jewelry more durable and give it a more pleasing color.

We’d like to show you five of our unique rose gold diamond engagement rings so that you can see rose gold’s potential and beauty.



Under Halo U-Prong Pave Diamond Engagement Ring in 14k Rose Gold

The rose gold diamond engagement ring pictured above has a minimalist silhouette with touches of sparkle. The thin band is elegant, and the rose gold does not overpower the diamonds. Made to accommodate a cushion cut or round cut stone, this rose gold setting can highlight the simplicity of a large, clean diamond.



Twisted Eternity Pave Diamond Engagement Ring in 14k Rose Gold

This twisted rose gold diamond engagement ring demonstrates that love and diamonds are forever! One of our best-selling rings, this engagement ring is unique because the twist encircles the entire finger. Our favorite part of the ring is the diamonds set into the prongs!



Halo U-Prong Pave Diamond Engagement Ring in 14k Rose Gold

We love the seamless look of this ring. The rose gold of the band seems to lead up to the main attraction: her beautiful diamond! This unique halo u-prong pave diamond engagement ring’s halo makes smaller stones look like huge rocks and large stones look like boulders!



Three Stone U-Prong Side Details Diamond Engagement Ring in 14k Rose Gold

It’s rare to see a three-stone diamond engagement ring with pave diamonds on the sides of the prongs. And why would you get one large diamond when you can get three? The bedazzled shank of this engagement ring creates extra, unexpected sparkle.



Double Halo Infinity Shank Pave Diamond Engagement Ring in 14k Rose Gold

Of course, we’re ending this post with the most show-stopping ring of all! Featuring a double halo and pave-covered infinity shank, this stunning rose gold engagement ring is for the woman who craves the most opulent jewelry. The soft hue of the rose gold makes this chunky, bold ring appear more feminine.

Do you feel more comfortable considering a nontraditional rose gold ring? Which is our rose gold diamond engagement rings is your favorite?

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5 reasons Should you buy your diamond engagement ring online? Well of course you should! Not only does it save you big bucks but the selection is much more wider online! A lot of reputable online jewelers like Diamond Mansion offers custom-made diamond engagement rings for the most reasonable prices! Obviously, a lot of people are very skeptical about buying a diamond ring online. It is definitely a must to do a little bit of research before doing so! To help you decide, here’s a list of why you should buy your diamond engagement ring online!

1. Convenience
A lot of you know this: it could be very overwhelming to go into a jewelry store to look at diamond engagement rings. The endless amount of diamond rings that catches your eyes and makes it difficult for you to make a decision. Buying a diamond ring online in the comfort of your own home is very convenient in many different ways: the rings are categorized, the prices are stated, and there are options for whatever it is you are looking for. There is nothing better than buying a diamond engagement ring in the comfort of your own home!

2. Reasonable Prices
What could possibly be better than buying a diamond ring online that has a Tiffany & Co. quality with a very affordable price? With Diamond Mansion’s wide variety of styles of engagement rings, it is very impossible for anyone to not find the diamond engagement ring of their dreams. Not only do we make online shopping easy for you but our prices are very reasonable!

3. Wide Selection
From Solitaire to Halo Pave Diamond Rings,
what ever it is you are looking for, you can find it online! Most reputable online jewelers offers a wide variety of pre-made rings to customized design-your-own. Some online jewelers can even replicate a ring you’ve seen before as long as the ring is not a patented design. Diamond Mansion makes all of their rings from scratch so it’s just up to you how they will make it!

4. Money Back Guaranteed
When doing your research on buying a diamond ring online, make sure you know what you’re getting from the trusted online jeweler. Most jewelers will throw in lifetime warranty, lifetime upgrade, free cleaning anytime, free shipping, and etc. These are additional benefits that you will get besides the top-notch quality of your ring. Diamond Mansion offers a Lifetime Warranty, Free Lifetime Upgrade, Free Shipping, Free Cleaning, A no-questions-asked 45-Day Return Policy, and etc.

5. Risk Free
When it comes to purchasing a diamond engagement ring online, safety always comes first. You are entitled to getting your money back if you don’t like how the ring came out or if you want any changes to it. We put your happiness first for you are going to have the ring for the rest of your life. 

3 Gorgeous Celtic Knot Diamond Rings by Diamond Mansion

Celtic Diamond Engagement Rings

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You’ve probably admired the symbolism of the Celtic knot or maybe you’re curious about its meaning. A Celtic knot is also referred to as the mystic knot or endless knot, and it first started appearing after 450 AD.

Though little is known about the symbol, it’s thought to represent an infinite path, whether in faith, commitment, or love.

Engagement ring settings decorated with Celtic knots are some of Diamond Mansion’s most requested engagement ring designs, and for good reason. They demonstrate the timeless nature of love and commitment. We can help you choose the perfect Celtic knot diamond engagement ring for your loved one.

Here are three of Diamond Mansion’s most popular Celtic knot engagement rings:

Celtic Knot Pave Split Shank Rope Design Diamond Engagement Ring

This intricate Celtic knot diamond engagement ring is a true masterpiece. Loaded with details, features shanks decorated with Celtic knots and pave diamonds. The band looks like a rope. No one will miss this detailed and unique engagement ring on a lucky woman’s hand.

Celtic Knot Rope Design Engagement Ring

A more minimalist version of the first ring, this Celtic solitaire engagement ring is perfect for the woman who appreciates minimalism in style. The shank still features the eye-catching Celtic knot design, and the band still resembles a rope.

Celtic Knot Design Pave Natural Diamond Engagement Ring

What makes this Celtic diamond engagement ring unique are the rows of channel-set diamonds on the shank, in addition to the signature Celtic knot design.

Which of these Celtic knot diamond engagement rings most catches your eye?

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If you are dating a girl who has an affinity for Audrey Hepburn or Marilyn Monroe movies, shops at second-hand stores, and listens to retro music, chances are that she’s the kind of woman who would prefer a vintage-style engagement ring. Although we live in the 21st Century, a vintage-style ring epitomizes both old-school beauty and timeless elegance. Antique rings are breathtaking, with bands that are unconventionally designed and/or covered in diamond details. Major pop stars like Gwen Stefani and real-life princesses – Kate Middleton – wore vintage engagement rings. Those lacking a family heirloom turn to Diamond Mansion for an array of beautiful, uniquely-featured vintage-style engagement rings.


For the bold yet feminine female, Diamond Mansion offers a scroll-design pave setting engagement ring that can be set with princess, oval, pear, asscher, or any other cut. The customer is presented with a pleasing selection of striking halo pave engagement rings, perfect for the romantic with classic tastes. Or, choose a ring with a split shank with side diamonds for a stately, refined look. If these rings are close, but not quite what the young lady truly wishes for, build your own engagement ring with Diamond Mansion. Design the perfect symbol of love that will last a lifetime, based on a design only seen in the mind’s eye! The resulting designer engagement rings are our customers’ dreams come to life.


To browse Diamond Mansion’s assortment of vintage-inspired rings, as well as wedding ring sets, anniversary rings, and more, visit www.diamondmansion.com

Awesome, Non-Cliche Marriage Proposals!

Twitter Marriage Propsal

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Like most men who feel ready to propose to the woman of their dreams, you’re probably struggling with how to actually pop the question in a way that will make her feel special. Of course, you’ll both want to remember the moment for the rest of your lives!

For those in search of something more unique and meaningful than the cliche (romantic restaurant, trail of roses) marriage proposal, we’re highlighting three of our favorite original proposals, which we’ve also pinned to our Creative Marriage Proposals board.

Proposing to the book lover

This adorable Harry-Potter-themed proposal stood out to us for all the obvious planning involved in organizing it. After leading his girlfriend clue by clue on a scavenger hunt throughout her town, groom-to-be Jaysin meets Andrea at a restaurant, where he instructs her to open a box containing a hollowed-out Harry Potter book. The ring was located at the beginning of the chapter “The Unbreakable Vow.” Of course she said “Yes!”

Proposing to the social media maven

Now that social media offers us an increasing number of ways to stay connected to the people we love, Twitter was bound to become the setting for a marriage proposal. With this Tweet, one man proposed to his number-one woman! The man happens to be Drew Olanoff, who started the Twitter hashtag #BlameDrewsCancer to raise money and awareness after being diagnosed with lymphoma. Sarah said yes, and Drew made an amazing recovery!

Proposing to art lover

In 2011, New Yorker Jeff proposed to his girlfriend Caitlin via a mural painted on Avenue A and Second Street. A pair of street artists are show in this three-minute time-lapse video creating the scene with a blue sky, tree, pink flowers, and Scrabble letters spelling, “Caitlin Will You Marry Me?” Of course, the bride-to-be was charmed!

The sky’s the limit when it comes to creative marriage proposals. Some of our tips include:

1) Personalize the proposal by thinking about your girlfriend’s hobbies and interests.
2) Involve friends and family.
3) Be sure to take videos and photos of the moment so that we can admire your effort and congratulate your on your engagement!

While you brainstorm ideas, se sure to check our Pinterest board for inspiration.

How to Choose Halo Engagement Rings Based on Hand Shapes

Choosing a Unique Halo Engagement Ring

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When shopping for unique engagement rings, you’ve probably heard the word “halo.” Are you worried it’s just one more term you need to learn?

A halo is simply a grouping of diamonds, usually set in a circular pattern, that surrounds the center stone. If you’ve seen a depiction of a halo around an angel’s head, then you can probably imagine a halo around a diamond.

In this post, you’ll learn that the process of choosing a halo engagement ring based on hand shape is similar to choosing a center stone based on hand shape.

What Do Her Fingers Look Like?

Long fingers: Oval and pear-shaped diamonds with halos tend to elongate the finger, but a round or square center stone will make a very long finger appear shorter.

Short fingers: For a woman with short fingers, choose a pear-shaped stone with a halo, but avoid large, rectangular center stones, which can overwhelm her hand.

Narrow fingers: Rings with thicker band styles and smaller center stones surrounded by a halo best complement narrow fingers. Women with narrow fingers should avoid heart-shaped and round stones.

Wide fingers: Round center stones with halos may be the most flattering for wide fingers. Large marquis stones best complement short and wide fingers.

Are Her Hands Small or Large?

Small hands: As long as the center stone and surrounding halo are relatively small, most diamond shapes are flattering on small hands.

Large hands: Women with larger hands should avoid rings with small stones, since they won’t look as prominent. Large, sometimes even chunky rings, flatter a woman with larger hands.

No matter what type of hands your woman has, a halo engagement ring can flatter her fingers and make her feel like a princess! Do you feel more comfortable selecting a halo engagement ring?