4 Reasons to Choose an Oval Diamond Engagement Ring In 2022

4 Reasons to Choose an Oval Diamond Engagement Ring In 2022

Every couple of years, a new shape will rise in popularity for engagement rings and price will surge due to high demand. The oval shape diamond engagement ring has held that title for several years now. If you’re searching for an oval diamond, you’ve probably been told by now it is almost 30% more expensive than other diamonds. If it’s in the budget, an oval diamond can do many things to enhance the beauty of the center stone and comes highly recommended by jewelers around the world. Here are 4 reasons to choose an oval diamond engagement ring.  

1. You get more bang for your buck with an
oval diamond engagement ring

Oval diamonds are very similar to round diamonds in regards to brilliance and sparkle. However, an oval has a naturally elongated shape that appears larger on the finger. For example, say you are torn between a 2 ct. round diamond or a 2 ct. oval diamond. They may be the same carat weight but the oval diamond, with its elongated shape, will take up more room on the ring finger. Oval diamonds may be the most expensive shape on the market right now but it’s definitely a safe and smart buy, considering you’ll get the most for your money.  

Oval Cut Diamond Size Chart - From 0.50 Carat to 3 Carat
Oval Cut Diamond Size Chart

Something to consider with an oval diamond, the bigger the center stone is the more apparent the color and clarity will be. Jewelers recommend to stay between D-F on the color scale if the oval is 1.00 ct. and up. As for clarity, it is recommended to stay within VS1-VS2 if you’re looking for an eye clean oval diamond 1.5 ct and up.  

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To learn more about color, cut, clarity and carat, otherwise known as “The 4 C’s” visit the official Gemological Institute of America website. The GIA is the leading authority for diamonds in the world. 

2. Oval diamonds have a unique bow tie formation 

Oval diamonds have something other diamonds do not – a bow tie formation visible within the stone. The bow tie effect is caused when light doesn’t bounce back and forth in the center of an oval diamond due to the way the diamond is cut. Seasoned jewelers will tell you the bow tie is one of the many aspects of an oval diamond that make it beautiful and unique.  

3. Oval diamonds pair well with most settings 


An oval shape diamond is versatile in regards to it pairs well with most settings. Choosing the right setting is almost as important as choosing the center stone. The wrong setting can overpower and outshine the center stone. Here are some previous settings with oval diamonds that Diamond Mansion customers have chosen in the past.

Classic Oval Diamind Engagement Ring Plus Eternity Wedding Band

4. Oval diamond engagement rings are a popular choice for celebrities  

Blake Livelys 12 carat pink oval diamond engagement ring

Celebrities are known for living a lavish lifestyle. Proposals and engagement rings are no exception. Depending on who you ask, Ryan Reynolds, Blake Lively’s longtime husband, is often credited for the rise in popularity of oval diamonds when he proposed with a 12-carat pink oval diamond engagement ring. The ring, designed by Lorraine Schwartz, is estimated to be worth $2 Million.  

caroline wozniaki 8 carat oval diamond engagement ring

Another power couple, athletes David Lee and Caroline Wozniaki, stunned the sports world when David proposed with an 8.88 ct. oval engagement ring in Bora Bora. Joey Hamra, an experienced and well-known jeweler, helped the San Antonio Spurs basketball player custom make the design with “David’s input and Caroline’s idea.” The number 8, the carat weight of the oval diamond, is significant to Caroline because it was her father’s favorite number.  

Oval shape diamonds currently hold the title for most popular shape diamond on the market as of 2020. Other close competitors are round and cushion diamonds. Everyone has different styles and taste, especially when it comes to engagement rings and other jewelry. There is no right or wrong answer on which shape to choose. If you can’t decide on just one, ask your jeweler how you can incorporate other shape diamonds into your design.  

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