7 Princess Cut Engagement Rings That Are Absolutely Stunning

What Is a Princess Cut?

The Princess Cut ring style was fully realized in 1980 and has been a go-to style for the stars ever since. Conceptually this diamond shape was designed to be a chic modern alternative to the classic round cut wh ile matching its brilliance (shimmer).

A standard princess cut is square in shape, exhibiting four beveled sides that come in at a point. The facets, or sides, of the cut often meet in the middle to create a star shape. 

Other stone types, like aquamarine and moissanite, are also frequently cut this way, but we believe that the diamond is the most stunning. 

Why Go With a Princess Cut Diamond Engagement Ring?

Who doesn’t want to feel like a princess? There are several unique features to the princess cut that make it a unique alternative to more traditional engagement ring styles.

The princess cut design remains innovative because it saves money. Diamond cutters are able to retain anywhere from 70% to 80% of the rough diamond with a princess cut (compared to 45% to 50% in a round diamond). Despite the high-class moniker, princess cut rings can be quite budget-friendly due to the diminished waste!

Round cut diamonds have been the most popular option for hundreds of years. Princess cut stones exploded onto the scene in the 80s as an exciting, stylish alternative to the traditional ring setting. Their contemporary look continues to make a statement on any engagement ring. Trend-setters like Hilary Duff, Sarah Michelle Gellar, and Kate Bosworth have sported princess cut rings. 

Here are 7 of our princess cut engagement rings that are absolutely stunning.

1. Classic Princess

1 Ct. Princess Cut Natural Diamond Classic 4 Prong Solitaire Engagement Ring (GIA Certified)

Proof that sometimes, you can’t beat the classics.

The 1-carat center diamond is the undisputed star of the show in this sleek design. This engagement ring has a solitaire setting, meaning there are no side stones or enhancers around the center. 4 metal prongs securely hold this natural beauty in place, letting in maximum light and showing off as much of its brilliance as possible.

Its clean, simplistic setting evokes both retro and contemporary aesthetics, and you can adjust the metal type to your preference, whether you’re looking for a 14k rose gold or a more traditional 14k white gold. This would look stunning stacked with your wedding band.

2. 3 Stone Trapz

1.6 Ct. Princess Cut Natural Diamond 3-Stone With Trapezoid Sidestones Diamond Ring (GIA Certified)

Upping the ante with two uniquely shaped side stones, this well-designed ring has an unforgettable look. 

Each side stone is step cut, a style with marks that look like little stairs. This style of cut is best for showcasing a gem’s carat weight, luster, clarity, and color (or lack thereof), and makes a perfect complement to the glimmer of a princess cut stone. Step cut side stones are typically square or rectangular, while the side stones in this ring have distinct trapezoid shapes.

Three-stone engagement rings hold symbolic value. Each diamond in a three-stone layout traditionally represents a couple’s past, present, and future. Like every ring in the Diamond Mansion collection, 3 Stone Trapz is also fully customizable to tell every couple’s story perfectly.

3. Marquise and Round Mix

1.7 Ct. Princess Cut Natural Diamond Scalloped Pave Design Hemera Bridal (GIA Certified)

The only thing more suitable for a princess than a diamond ring is a diamond ring covered in—you guessed it—more diamonds.

Pave setting engagement rings shimmer and sparkle like none other. The pave setting consists of dozens of tiny diamonds, giving the illusion that the ring is entirely paved with diamonds. Light refracts off the many small gems set alongside the center stone, to dazzling effect.

No two diamonds are the same on this ring. The dazzling ribbon band consists of both round and marquise cut diamonds. King Louis the XV of France had the marquise cut designed by his jewelers in the 18th century to mimic the shape of his mistress’s lips—another connection to royalty. The football-shaped diamond has persisted as a symbol of status and poise ever since, regardless of ring size.

18K white gold scallops the intricately laced band for an absolutely elegant ring that belongs on your wish list.

4. Twisted Eternity

2.2 Ct. Princess Cut Natural Diamond Twisted Eternity Pave Diamond Engagement Ring (GIA Certified)

Symbolic of the fates of two lovers intertwined forever, this beautiful band delivers a powerful expression of love. 1.2 carats of diamond-laced pave spans the entirety of the ring, leaving no spot sparkle-free.

Twisted Eternity prominently features rose gold, an increasingly popular option. Rose gold continues to rise as a trend, sported proudly on dresses and purses, in cakes, and on the backs of iPhones. Diamond Mansion’s collection also includes yellow and white gold and platinum.

5. Celtic Micro Pave

2.3 Ct. Princess Cut Natural Diamond Celtic Split Shank Rope Design Engagement Ring (GIA Certified)

Another split shank set ring, this Celtic Micro Pave marries the modern with the traditional. Celtic rings originated in a small fishing village in Ireland over 300 years ago. These rings were keepsakes, designed to be passed down from generation to generation. Diamond Mansion’s GIA-certified gemstones are guaranteed to last in the same tradition.

In addition to having a rustic charm and vintage appeal, Celtic imagery carries important meaning. The most enduring rings from this heritage bear the message, “let love and friendship rain.” There could be no better ring for someone that is lucky to be in love with their best friend.

6. 3 Sided Pave

1.96 Ct. Princess Cut Natural Diamond Three Row Pave Diamond Engagement Ring (GIA Certified)

This 3 Sided Pave is about as glamorous as a princess cut engagement ring could be, yet the design retains an inviting delicacy.

Most paves only form one or two rows of small gems, but this outrageous piece has three dazzling rows of diamonds! Similar to the Classic Princess with extra shine, no one could go unnoticed with a ring like this. 4 very high prongs ensure the utmost protection for a dazzling center stone, so be sure to include this in your search.

To browse our expansive collection of princess cut engagement rings for the perfect diamond bridal set or to purchase the perfect anniversary gift, click here. We sell a wide variety of rings, including models with baguette, asscher, and channel set stones.