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What Are Ethically Sourced Engagement Rings?

Ethical engagement rings are the perfect way to surprise your significant other and symbolize the loving bond you share, while preserving your own moral standards. 

We understand how important it is to find the perfect ring for your partner to propose with. Here at Diamond Mansion, we pride ourselves on sourcing ethical, luxury diamonds for a lower cost. This way, you can find the ultimate ring for your partner while ensuring the diamond is ethically sourced.

Here, we’ve put together a guide to explain what conflict-free engagement rings are and how our ethical and sustainable policies work. After all, there’s no better feeling than finding the absolute ring and knowing it’s sourced in an ethical and sustainable way.

What is an ethical engagement ring?

At Diamond Mansion, we care about doing things the right way and never compromise on what matters most. For us, using ethically sourced diamonds in our engagement rings ensures that you’re getting the quality jewelry you deserve, while having minimal impact on the environment or the welfare of others. 

An ethical engagement ring means the diamonds and metals used to create the ring have come from conflict-free economies, have had minimal impact on the environment and have been mined by those benefiting from fair and safe working and mining conditions. 

The harvesting of diamonds has a history of conflict, and the mining of precious metal often causes significant damage to the environment. Often, miners are denied fair living wages and sufficient health and safety provisions. If you’re a socially-conscious couple who care about sustainability and fair working conditions, choosing an ethical engagement ring is a must. 

Since 2008, we’ve ensured our diamonds are sourced ethically from trusted diamond mines. That way, you’re buying a diamond ring that both encapsulates the love you share and your care for the planet and welfare too.

Are conflict-free diamonds ethical?

While the terms “conflict-free” and “ethical” are often used side-by-side, conflict-free diamonds are not always ethical in practice.

Conflict-free refers to diamonds that haven’t financed civil wars. Whereas, ethical diamonds go a step further by ensuring fair pay, safe working conditions for miners, environmental practices and no human rights abuse. 

In many African countries, diamonds have been used to fund civil wars and illegitimate governments. These diamonds were given the term “blood diamonds” by the United Nations in the 1990s. The term describes diamonds that have been mined in a war zone, usually by underpaid or enslaved workers, where sales are used to fund rebel groups and warlords. Often, rebel groups fight among each other for control of diamond mines, causing unnecessary violence and cruelty. 

Couples have become more conscious of conflict-free diamonds since the 2006 movie Blood Diamond brought the reality of blood diamonds to light. The movie, detailing how warlords in Sierra Leone funded their bloody civil war with diamond sales, shocked western audiences and encouraged them to question the morality behind their jewelry. Ever since, the question of where a diamond has been sourced has come to the forefront for those buying an engagement ring.

The Kimberley Process was established in 2003 to prevent conflict diamonds from entering the market. This means all diamonds entering the United States and other participating countries must be accompanied by a government-issued Kimberley Process Certificate. Here at Diamond Mansion, doing things the right way is important to us. We only sell conflict-free diamonds and ensure that our diamonds are sourced from the most respected suppliers who comply with Kimberley Process standards.

How can you tell if a diamond is ethical?

For a diamond to be considered ethically sourced, there are strict labor and environmental standards that must be met. Safe working conditions must be met for workers, and child labor should never be abused. Forced labor doesn’t exist. Workers receive fair wages and diamond sales aren’t being used to fund violence or war.  Mining companies must also implement rigorous practices that protect local ecosystems. 

Here are some ways you can tell if a diamond is ethical:

  • Research: Make sure you do your research when looking for an ethical diamond. Jewelers who sell conflict-free diamonds should have this information on their website. 
  • Ask your jeweler: Ask your jeweler where their diamonds are mined. If you have any questions about our standards and where our diamonds are mined, don’t hesitate to contact us.
  • Kimberley Process certification: All diamonds entering the USA must be accompanied by a government-issued Kimberley Process Certificate. The Kimberley Process prevents conflict or blood diamonds from entering the market.
  • Buy from ethical jewelers: Here at Diamond Mansion, we only sell conflict-free diamonds and ensure that our jewels are sourced from the most respected suppliers who follow Kimberley Process standards.
  • Be aware: Don’t stop with just diamonds when it comes to ethical jewelry. Check the origin of your gold. Gold mining leaves toxic waste like mercury which is damaging to our environment, and also funds conflict. Try to look for recycled or Fairtrade gold. 

Are ethical diamonds real diamonds?

Ethical diamonds are real diamonds that have fair humanitarian mining systems, from wages to working conditions. The term ethical diamonds means that the mining and origin of the diamonds are not compromised. 

Here at Diamond Mansion, we care about doing things the right way, by only selling conflict-free diamonds that are ethically sourced from trusted diamond mines. When buying an engagement ring from us, you can feel confident that your diamond is conflict-free and sourced from the most respected supplier who complies with Kimberley Process standards. 

Choosing an ethical engagement ring from Diamond Mansion means you will receive luxury jewelry without needing to compromise on your ethics. Our diamonds are conflict-free so you can wear your diamond ring with pride.

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