What Is An Eternity Ring?

Diamond Eternity Ring - Oval Shape Diamond

Direct Answer:

  • What it is: An eternity ring, also known as an eternity band, is a ring featuring a continuous line of diamonds (or other gemstones) encircling the entire band. This design symbolizes everlasting love. Typically, the band is crafted from precious metals such as gold, silver, or platinum.
  • When to give: 
    After marriage: Give an eternity ring to celebrate major anniversaries, the birth of a child, or any moment you wish to express your enduring love
    During the wedding: Many couples now choose to exchange eternity rings during their wedding ceremony, often using them as their wedding bands

If you’ve been married for several years, you may be looking for a way to celebrate your commitment to each other and remind your partner of the love you share. A popular way to do this is with an eternity ring. But what exactly is an eternity ring?

Usually used to commemorate a milestone in your relationship like a big anniversary, an eternity ring is seen as a symbol of eternal love and is the perfect gift to reignite a spark in your relationship. An eternity band is  used to represent not only the time you’ve already spent together, but the time you have to look forward to –  to symbolize your unending future as a couple.

"Dino, at Diamond Mansion was absolutely amazing throughout the process of creating my 10 year anniversary eternity ring. He was especially patient and understanding and made me feel completely comfortable purchasing such an exquisite ring over the internet. Thank you to all the staff at Diamond Mansion for making this a reality." shares Chyrise Hodge, a customer of Diamond Mansion.

What Makes Them Different From Other Rings?

Unlike an engagement or wedding ring, an eternity ring is usually (not always) given after you’re married – often to commemorate an anniversary or special occasion. They’re designed to symbolize your commitment and celebrate your love after you’ve been together for a significant amount of time.

In terms of appearance, eternity rings have a different look to typical engagement and wedding rings. While most wedding rings are of a plainer style to complement the metal and jewel of your engagement ring, eternity rings feature a strip of diamonds or gems that covers the entire circumference of the band. 

Full or half eternity rings

When looking for the perfect eternity ring for your better half, there are two different styles for you to choose from. 

You can either have a full eternity ring with diamonds all the way around it (including the underside) or a half eternity ring, with diamonds only on the face of the band. The type you choose won’t affect the material used for the band or how the stones are set – only how many diamonds there are and where they’re positioned.

Diamond Eternity Ring Stacked

What Occasions are Eternity Rings For?

When you choose to gift an eternity ring to your partner is entirely up to you. There doesn’t need to be a special occasion or reason to celebrate your love – it may just feel like the right time for you.

But while eternity rings can be gifted at any time, they’re usually given to commemorate a special milestone or occasion in your relationship. Perhaps you’re celebrating your ten year wedding anniversary and want to remind your partner of your commitment, or maybe you’re looking for a gift to celebrate the birth of your new baby (push gift). Whatever your reasoning, eternity rings can work as the perfect way to celebrate your relationship – both the memories you’ve shared and the ones you look forward to creating together in the future.

Are Eternity Bands Comfortable?

Eternity rings, with their diamonds or gemstones wrapping all the way around, can feel different in terms of comfort. It really boils down to the ring’s design, the size and setting of the stones, and how thick the band is. Some find them super comfy for everyday wear, while others might think they’re a bit much, especially if the stones are big and tend to snag on things or feel chunky between the fingers.

What feels good can also depend on what you’re used to and what your day looks like. If you’re not big on wearing rings all the time or if your hands are always busy with work or hobbies, a full eternity band might not be your best bet. But here’s a thought: a half-eternity ring, with stones just on the top, could give you that endless love vibe without the fuss.

When you’re picking out an eternity ring, think about these things. Try on a few styles. See what fits your hand and your life the best. Some people are all in for the full eternity band’s symbolism and beauty and get used to how it feels. Others go for the comfort and ease of a half-eternity band or a full one with smaller stones that don’t stick out as much.

What Finger Do You wear an Eternity Ring on?

How your you choose to wear an eternity ring is entirely your choice. Eternity rings are usually designed to be worn alongside their engagement and wedding ring. A popular way to wear it is between the engagement ring and wedding ring, or sitting on top of both rings. 

Alternatively, some people wear an eternity ring separately to their engagement and wedding bands, giving it its own space on the right hand. It may be that your partner’s engagement and wedding ring were designed to complement each other as a set, so they may prefer to wear an eternity ring separately. 

Some unique eternity bands such as our baguette and round diamond eternity band are best worn by it self.

Most Common Placement:

  • Women often wear their eternity ring on the same finger as their wedding and engagement rings, typically the ring finger of the left hand.

Stacking Order: There’s no strict rule, but these are popular ways to stack:

  • Wedding band closest to the heart, followed by the eternity ring, with the engagement ring on top.
  • Eternity ring closest to the heart, then the wedding band, and engagement ring on top.

Other Options

  • Different Finger: Some prefer wearing their eternity ring alone on their ring finger of the right hand for a distinct look.
  • Flexibility: There’s no wrong way! Ultimately, how your partner wears the ring is a matter of personal preference and what feels most comfortable.

The Meaning of Eternity Rings

As the name suggests, eternity rings symbolize eternal love and the love you share with your partner being everlasting. 

The concept of the eternity ring dates back to ancient Egypt, where rings symbolized eternal life and love. This tradition speaks volumes about the human desire to represent love as everlasting,” notes Dr. John Smith, historian specializing in ancient civilizations. Their eternity rings were often simple bands set with a stone, while others included a snake swallowing its own tail to represent the idea of eternity. 

Today, some women prefer to wear an eternity ring instead of a traditional wedding ring, while others wear both together alongside their engagement ring for extra sparkle. 

How to Choose an Eternity Ring

Choosing an eternity ring, like any other type of sentimental jewelry, can take time – especially if you’re looking for the perfect ring for your other half. Here are some key considerations for choosing an eternity ring:

  • Decide on the right occasion: You’ll need to pick the right moment to gift the ring to your partner. Perhaps you have a significant milestone coming up like an anniversary, or maybe the time just feels right for you. Whatever the occasion, you’ll need to plan how and when you’re going to surprise them.
  • Set your budget: Eternity rings vary in price, so it’s important to keep a budget in mind so you spend what you can realistically afford. It’s the meaning behind the ring that is most important – not the value of it.
  • Choose the diamond shape: A round diamond is a popular choice for eternity bands, but the shape you choose is down to your personal preference. Perhaps an emerald cut diamond may suit your taste, or a pear cut diamond for an elongated shape that looks larger than a round diamond. What makes a perfect eternity band is how the size, shape and quality of the diamond come together
  • Choose your setting style: at Diamond Mansion most of our eternity rings come in four popular setting styles.
    Which setting style you choose will depend on what you prefer the look – with Classic Gallery Style being he most secure and popular.
Classic Gallery Style
(Secure & Popular)
U Prong Style
(Modern Design)
Classic Diamond Eternity Band
U-Prong Eternity Band

Single Prong
(Stones Spaced Out)
Venetian Style
(Artistic Twist)
Single Prong Eternity Ring
Venetian Eternity Band

Micro Pave  Accent
(Unique & Filled with Details)
Half Bezel
(Soft Edges & Prong less)
Micro Pave Eternity Band
Half Bezel Round Eternity

Checkout 8 Stunning Eternity Rings For Eternity Gifts to see some of our popular eternity bands.

Are Eternity Diamond Rings Certified?

Most diamond ring purchases come with a diamond certificate, also known as a diamond grading report. They’re used to provide information about the diamond, from its weight and color to its clarity. A diamond certificate is used to authenticate that the details of the diamond are correct.

When shopping for the perfect diamond eternity ring, you’re likely to wonder if the diamonds are certified, which means that each diamond has been graded & checked by a third-party gemologist.

Here at Diamond Mansion, we usually offer GIA Certified diamonds for eternity bands over 5 to 6 carats, since each stone is larger than 0.30 carats. Smaller stones that are less than 0.30 carats are usually non-certified, although they are 100% natural and as described. The reason smaller stones are not sent to GIA for grading is because GIA certificates costs anywhere between $50-$150 and it’s just not cost effective to our customers.
Smaller eternity bands from Diamond Mansion come with a regular Diamond Mansion appraisal which describes the over all quality & weight of diamonds.

GIA is an most reputable independent, nonprofit organization that carries out gem research, educates gem professionals, and sets the standards for judging diamond quality.

"The ring is stunning and so well crafted. Amazing Bespoke emerald eternity band with high quality GIA diamonds!!! Thank you so much. I will definitely be using a Diamond Mansion again for future jewelry purchases!" shares Janée, a customer of Diamond Mansion.

Can You Propose With an Eternity Ring?

The type of ring you choose to pop the question with is up to you. Choosing to propose with an eternity ring has become more popular – with some preferring the look of an eternity ring with its several stones and more intricate design, over a traditional engagement ring. Or, you may prefer to propose with an eternity ring initially, before you pick out the perfect engagement ring together as a couple.

One thing to keep in mind if you choose to propose with an eternity ring is, unlike most traditional engagement rings, eternity rings are difficult to resize. To avoid disappointment, it may be a good idea to get a custom-made eternity ring to make sure it fits your bride to-be. 

How Much Should I Spend on an Eternity Ring?

How much you should spend on an eternity ring will depend on how much you can realistically afford to spend and the type of ring you’re looking to buy. At Diamond Mansion, our smallest round cut eternity band is 1 carat and it starts at approximately $2,000. Our largest round cut eternity band is the 7 Carat eternity ring starting at $24000.
Further, We have larger made larger custom eternity bands that go all the way up to 12 carats and can cost up to $75,000.

If you’re conscious of how much an eternity ring will cost, it may be worth setting a budget early on to help narrow down your choice of rings and know what money you have to work with. The price of eternity rings can vary depending on the cut of the diamond, whether the ring is platinum or gold, diamond shape, diamond quality and even how much it sparkles

It’s easy to feel societal pressure when it comes to buying sentimental jewelry for your partner – but it’s important to remind yourself what matters most is the meaning behind the eternity ring, not its value. 

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